Poor Baby

Montana’s carpal pad is still not healing correctly so she will have surgery Tuesday. Wish her luck.

I’m being lazy today and am staying home from the Y. I usually go every other day to use the weight machines, but

  1. it’s cold outside–the low was about 7° F (-14° C), the high about 21° F (-6° C),
  2. I’m fighting off a cold, and
  3. the flu is going around.

I figured it was in everyone’s best interests if I avoid crowds.

The local paper had an interesting article about avoiding the flu. In addition to getting flu shots, washing hands, and not touching one’s face it also listed eating healthily, getting exercise and smiling. Apparently smiling helps boost our immune system. Hey, I can do that. 😀

Fortunately Montana is a happy pup—hopefully that will help her to heal faster from the surgery? On the other hand, she does bounce a lot…. I will keep you posted.

What’s happening where you are? What’s the weather like? Is your area being hit by the flu too?

Thanks to Rummuser, Kate, tammy, bikehikebabe, Cathy and Dixie for commenting on last week’s post.
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21 Responses to Poor Baby

  1. Mike says:

    It’s cold here now. 21°F. Saturday we got over 4 inches of rain, with flash flooding in some areas. Ponds have refilled after being the lowest I think I’ve ever seen. At least for now, our drought seems to have been abated.

    About 7 weeks left on this contract. Got the flu shot. Haven’t been sick so far this year. I haven’t heard of any bad outbreaks here, but then, I haven’t been paying much attention to the news with the hours I’ve been working.
    Mike´s last blog post ..Changed interpretations?

  2. Jean says:

    Andy and I always get flu shots each year and so far we’ve been lucky about not getting it. We haven’t been as lucky as you about getting some precipitation though! We’re still having a severe drought.

  3. tammy j says:

    our drought continues also. even with the last tiny bit of rain. at least it helped us remember what rain feels and looks like!!!
    poor little montana. i love the picture of the two of them lying there close together. it’s obvious they are buddies. even siblings. in spirit anyway!
    do keep us posted. any surgery on any person or animal is serious. and they can’t understand what’s happening.
    i hope your cold doesn’t get any worse. you had enough with that strange virus awhile back. holding only good thoughts for you!
    tammy j
    tammy j´s last blog post ..an unintentional fraud

  4. bikehikebabe says:

    Besides being bitter cold, we got another blanket of snow & is still snowing.

    I always get flu shots; they are free to everyone here, but this yr. I didn’t at first because I read on a “health” newsletter that Hg (mercury–I still remember something) was involved. Finally did. The woman giving shot was disgusted with me because I was still undecided while getting the shot.

  5. Cathy in NZ says:


    I just saw a short bit of rain dash by the window…probably going to be sticky and humid later as there is not sun to dry it…

    I think I told you…that Auckland is thin land part of NZ and weather is difficult with Tasman Sea/Indian Ocean on one side an on the other Pacific Ocean – prone to changeable weather +++

    I get flu’ shot every winter and it’s free as I have a respiratory problem. It keeps lots of bugs of that kind at bay…but I also “pamper/pander” if I think I’m getting anything as I hate having steroids etc if I do.

    I just had a very interesting on-line morning where I took part in listening a Webinar from the UK. It wasn’t morning there, nor this morning but rather last night 🙂 It was about gardening and even though I believed I hadn’t got it set-up right on my machine, it came through loud and clear; p.point was great as well 🙂

    For the rest of today, it’s going to be “art-marks”; some food shopping later and maybe bake some biscuits (cookies) 🙂
    Cathy in NZ´s last blog post ..Mucking around with Art-marks

  6. Jean says:

    I love that picture too. 🙂

    Thanks for the good wishes. I had almost forgotten about that strange virus, which in itself is strange, given how long it wiped me out physically. It was still a happy time.

    I haven’t had a bad cold for years. I don’t know if it’s just that I take special care when I feel one coming on or if I’ve just been lucky. I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I’m not getting any younger!

    I love your blog, especially your last post about downsizing. We’re downsizing up on the land, but Andy still has a small workshop to fill with a lot of tools. I’ve been spending a lot of time doing the insurance paperwork and have been thinking of you with envy. 😀

    Just a couple of days ago it started to feel like spring. That didn’t last for very long!

    I got the flu about 20-25 years ago. Ever since Andy and I get our flu shots every year. If we succumb it won’t be our fault! The vaccine is supposed to be less effective for us over-70’s, but so far we’ve been lucky.

    Yes, I remember you saying where Auckland is. I don’t envy you the humidity, but your weather is fascinating. One unusual aspect of our weather here is the winds as the jet stream shifts. Our altitude here in town is about 7200 ft. and up on the land it’s about 8800 ft. We also have to be careful about the sun because there isn’t nearly as much atmosphere to shield us.

    Good for you for getting the Webinar from the UK. Talk about a small world!

  7. Rummuser says:

    I am sorry to hear that you are a bit under the weather. I wish you speedy recovery and yes a cheerful disposition helps in speeding up the recovery process. I have seen this again and again.

    We have highs of around 28 C to lows of around 7 C and it is what I call our cheerful weather. I had gone off to a farm house over the long weekend for some male bonding and it was around 2 degrees lower there and we were very comfortable with gallons of tea and freshly made hot snacks and some excellent rural food made from fresh vegetables and chickpeas. Back in Pune, it has been warmer and yet cold enough for warm clothes in the evenings and early mornings.
    Rummuser´s last blog post ..Where Are The Clowns?

  8. Jean says:

    Thank you. It sounds as if you had a good time. That’s great.

  9. tammy j says:

    hey monk!
    just stopping by to check on you and baby montana dog.
    i hope she made it through fine on her surgery. keeping her quiet now will be the challenge.
    keep us posted!
    tammy j´s last blog post ..a happy puppy

  10. Nick says:

    I don’t know anyone with flu. So where are all the flu-sufferers? Perhaps they’re all at home lying miserably in bed.
    Nick´s last blog post ..Gang warfare

  11. Jean says:

    Torben dropped Montana at the vet’s Tuesday morning and amazingly enough Kaitlin got a phone call at work later saying Montana didn’t need surgery after all. The pad had finally attached itself back to her leg. The challenge is still to keep her from tearing off her bandage and opening the area again. They put one of those cones around her head to keep her from doing that, but it sounds as if Sammy is aiding her efforts. There is some talk about putting a cone around his head too. I will let you know. Anyway, it was welcome news!

    Apparently our contractor came down with the flu in early December and it knocked him out for a while. I haven’t heard of that many cases in town, but I read a lot of articles saying it’s bad here in the U.S. You do have a point, though. When people are really sick they don’t have the energy to complain. 🙂

  12. I send your doggy healing thoughts….
    Maria from ‘gaelikaa’s diary’´s last blog post ..Good Intentions

  13. Jean says:

    Thank you! Kaitlin hasn’t mentioned it for the past two days, so I assume things are going well.

  14. tammy j says:

    two little cone heads in one family! how adorable.
    though i hardly think montana and sammy appreciate it!
    thank you for the good news update! xo
    tammy j´s last blog post ..a happy puppy

  15. Cathy in NZ says:

    those cone things for animals cause them so much grief…I remember one my cats (don’t have animals now) decided to get away from us to under the car, got caught up with the bumper and it was so hard to extract cat/cone – anger/laughter which didn’t help the cat!
    Cathy in NZ´s last blog post ..Mucking around with Art-marks

  16. Elvierose says:

    You have adorable dogs and I hope Montana recovers from her surgery soonest.
    Elvierose´s last blog post ..Fun and Adventure at the Robot Zoo

  17. Jean says:

    I love the idea of two “cone heads”. My guess is they didn’t put the cone on Sammy, but who knows. We’ll talk to Kaitlin tomorrow evening, and I’ll let you know what I learn.

    Yes, I sympathize with any animal that has to wear one. But it’s better than having to have surgery because a wound doesn’t heal.

  18. Jean says:

    Thanks for the good wishes. 🙂

  19. Jean says:

    Yay! The vet pronounced Montana officially healed today–no more bandages or cones. Apparently everyone at the clinic cheered. 🙂

  20. Cathy in NZ says:

    Cathy in NZ´s last blog post ..Shifting dust…

  21. Cathy in NZ says:

    Excellent news
    Cathy in NZ´s last blog post ..Shifting dust…

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