It Could Have Been a Lot Worse

Andy had to take long detours to get up to the land yesterday, but except for the road by that one culvert we talked about yesterday, the roads survived the new 3.83 inches of rain. Yay, roads! Andy’s happy they did so much work before this storm.

The problem with that one culvert is if the volume of water is more than it can handle, then the rocks, dirt, etc. being washed down fill up the big hole that Orlando digs ahead of it. If that continues too long the culvert gets buried.

The culvert is three feet in diameter, and the hole was nine feet deep. Here are two pictures of Orlando digging the hole early September 1st:


Here is the culvert and hole Thursday afternoon:


And here is the buried culvert and filled-in hole yesterday afternoon:


The top of the “hole” is now level with the road, and Andy couldn’t find the culvert yesterday. Notice in the above picture the water is running over the road. And eroding it, of course:


This last picture shows how little water is coming out of the culvert compared to how much has come over the road:

More work needs to be done.

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10 Responses to It Could Have Been a Lot Worse

  1. tammyj says:

    my gosh. i just read all the comments on the last post. i hadn’t been back.
    i’d heard about the terrible flooding in colorado. i had no idea that new mexico was being inundated too!
    and here we sit begging for one drop of rain. everything almost back to drought stage.
    this land is amazing. just differences and not that far away. we are what . . . 9 hours away from you? and such a difference.
    i hope the damage is not bad bhb. water on all the floors!!! 🙁
    and i’m so relieved andy is home safe and sound. maybe you two should just buy a little helicopter and build a nice landing site on the land. then you could buzz up there and forget that blasted ‘elephant walk’ road !!!! 😀
    tammyj´s last blog post ..and you?

    • Jean says:

      That sounds like a great idea. It’s raining again and Andy thinks the washout will keep him from getting up to the land today.

  2. bikehikebabe says:

    I’m not in a good mood. Our roof is leaking onto our Pergo floors that can’t be replaced because each board is interlocking with the next board. i.e. One damaged board can’t be replaced. You have to replace the whole floor. We can’t get hold of the roof guy–in Santa Fe 40 miles away, of course,

    “I Could Have Been Worse” reminds me of “You broke your leg skiing? It could have been worse. You could have broken both legs.”

    • bikehikebabe says:

      Edit: IT could have…

    • Jean says:

      I’m sorry about your floors. (: Our floors up in the cottage have a similar construction, even though the material is a lot cheaper..

      Flat roofs are a nuisance. We’ve had leaks here from time to time. We were lucky they didn’t destroy anything valuable. Ours have come in the Spring when the snow and ice melts. They’ve had to replace the ceilings, and once they had to replace a roof beam, which was a real mess.

    • bikehikebabe says:

      And No I didn’t break my leg skiing. it was just an example.

    • bikehikebabe says:

      And No, our floors are fine due to towels & buckets to catch the drips.

  3. tammyj says:

    boy does pergo have a good racket going. SHEESH!
    tammyj´s last blog post ..and you?

  4. I’m working through several days of online backlog so I didn’t see this post until my previous comment. I’m glad it wasn’t worse for your road, but still… I hope the weather settles down for all of you.
    Mike (currently near Hayward, Wisconsin)´s last blog post ..Eyes of the Great Depression 109.

    • Jean says:

      The rain is supposed to peter out soon, so with any luck we’ll have this section of the road repaired Monday. And bikehikebabe says they managed to keep their floors from being damaged. Buckets are great inventions! I’m not sure what she and Tom used, but when our roof leaks the landlord is happy to lend us buckets. We also use big mixing bowls.

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