Pictures Tomorrow?

Andy, Beate, and Tim spent the afternoon unblocking culverts and moving big rocks off the road. The rains up on the land have been gentle — about a half an inch yesterday (at least until Andy left for the day), a third of an inch Friday. But when Andy was up there early yesterday afternoon he could see it was raining hard over by one of our access roads, and that rain did serious damage.

He’s arranged to have Orlando come up with some heavy machinery next weekend. We already need it, and there’s no guarantee there won’t be more damage before then. The rainy season has started.

Hopefully we will have some pictures tomorrow.


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10 Responses to Pictures Tomorrow?

  1. Rummuser says:

    I wish that our monsoon would start. It is already over a month late.
    Rummuser´s last blog post ..Do You Love …… Most Annoying.

  2. tammyj says:

    so glad you’ve had rain…
    but not so much as to cause big problems on the road i hope.
    looking forward as always ~ to pictures!
    tammyj´s last blog post ..coming back home

  3. bikehikebabe says:

    “…it was raining hard by one of our access roads, and that rain did serious damage.” Damn be that access road. Use the other access road. Life can be simpler than that. Andy isn’t going to let anything beat him—even Mother Nature.

  4. KB says:

    I hope that the access road is okay. I know how rain can be such a problem in an area that has had a fire. I hope all is well! Our monsoon is underway, which is at least keeping our fire danger down.
    KB´s last blog post ..Sunday Fun!

  5. Rummuser says:

    I have seen delayed monsoons before but not this long. The met says that from about the 10th of July the monsoon will revive and the deficit will be made good for the total season but enough damage to crops has already taken place and we are looking at drinking water shortages if the rains do not come and the deficit is not made up.
    Rummuser´s last blog post ..But …… II.

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