Andy and Peter fixed the refrigerator, so it’s running on propane again instead of electricity. In the past occasional wind gusts blew out the pilot light, which meant a safety feature shut the refrigerator off. In the process of fixing the problem they noticed that water had dripped down the wall.

Apparently when the air is humid the propane-heated air rises and hits the cooler pipe above. The moisture then condenses and slowly drips down. Peter and Andy inserted a piece of silicone under the pipe so the water would drip away from the wall. Andy first caught the water in a pan under the refrigerator, but yesterday he added the funnel and some plastic tubing.


At the moment the water is collected in a jug in front of the refrigerator.

7-09-14 Refrigerator and tubing

In the fullness of time he will connect the tubing to the drain pipe in the crawl space — through a small hole in the floor behind the refrigerator. It should be quiet and hidden.
Just another of the many details that need to be attended to.


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  1. Rummuser says:

    It is fascinating how something or the other is constantly calling for your attention and work!
    Rummuser┬┤s last blog post ..Advising.

  2. tammyj says:

    i don’t want to offend…
    but the saga of this ‘simple’ little cabin reminds me of when i was a child.
    my brother and i would decide to make a fort. or a clubhouse.
    he called it a fort. i called it a clubhouse! LOL.
    we spent happy hours each day first figuring ways to construct it… given that we were children and our supplies were limited.
    then we ‘furnished’ it… with whatever we could scrounge or find…
    we had days and days of fun and adventure.
    it was completed.
    and we just sat there.
    somehow … strangely … it was a big let down.
    i hope when all this ends… andy won’t be bored with nothing to do!
    tammyj┬┤s last blog post ..little surprises are the best

    • bikehikebabe says:

      Childhood memory: Reminds me of planting a garden at the end of our street, under trees where it got no sun. So after all the work, it was a let-down that nothing grew.

    • bikehikebabe says:

      Andy will always find work to do. He’s a detail man like me (the woman). I clean little corners behind things that nobody knows needs cleaning. The BIG, clean-out or find a place, PICTURE is too overwhelming. I’ve learned to block that out. I’m progressing thought. A YAY feeling!

    • bikehikebabe says:

      I used Andy as a segway (segue) for my “little job” comment. He’s a big job man–whatever needs to be done.

    • Jean says:

      He has enough to keep him busy on the cottage for a couple of years at least. Then there are the fruit trees and the roads….

    • Jean says:

      I love it when you extend the topic and share something about yourself. Thank you.

  3. cathy in NZ says:

    Andy is addicted to this retirement hobby and these little glitches are there for his brain to reconfigure – he needs this all happening otherwise he would be so bored…

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