Grieving and Support

It’s not just we humans.


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  1. tammy j says:

    one of my heroes Jacque Cousteau said years ago…
    ” ALL animals respond to love.”

    the human race thinks of itself as so superior to other animals.
    as if WE are the only ones with feelings and emotions.
    all my life I’ve heard ‘they don’t have the same feelings we do.’
    and I’ve NEVER believed that!

    or the one that really gets to me … ‘they don’t feel pain the same way we do.’
    THAT one apparently gives us free license to use them in all kinds of horrendous ‘necessary’ experiments… like making MASCARA safe to use.
    for god’s sake. COSMETICS??? we torture innocent animals for THAT???
    and as for medical science…
    use murderers that will kill again if not incarcerated. let them be the subjects for medical science. let them pay their debt to society that way. we spend millions keeping them alive and well as it is.

    our need for protein is more important than the way we allow factory farms to treat ‘food animals.’ so we look the other way as those who suffer in cages on concrete are finally killed. death is their only escape from a terrible and unspeakable existence. but then… oh yes. ‘they don’t have feelings the same way we do.’ and of course ‘they don’t feel pain the same way we do.’

    we’re superior alright. in our ways of torture and inhumanity.
    I suppose those erroneous thoughts on their feelings and their pain evolved for one reason. to make us all feel better when we look the other way.
    it absolves the human race for doing inhumane things to them.

    this video and ones like it will help spread the real TRUTH.
    thank you for posting it monk.
    it was amazing and heartening to watch such empathy and tenderness.
    and of course …
    as usual. my comment is way too long. but you told me not to apologize.
    people can just always skip it I guess! I get carried away when I’m passionate about something. and animals are my passion. xo
    tammy j´s last blog post ..moving on old bean

  2. tammy j says:

    I know you would never say that! I didn’t mean YOU monk!
    I can tell by the wonderful videos and articles you bring to us about animals right here that you don’t think that.
    but I’ve heard that said all my life. so many people think they are sub standard somehow just because they’re animals.
    remember… I live in the bible belt. even now many will even say “the bible says that man has dominion over all the animals.”
    and now that I’ve insulted your bible reading readers… I guess I should shut up! LOL!
    tammy j´s last blog post ..moving on old bean

    • Jean says:

      I’m sure you haven’t insulted anyone here — I’ve made my views pretty clear. “We’re all a bunch of nuts,” would do it.

  3. Rummuser says:

    Living as I do with a dog at home, I see emotional situations with the dog at various times. Noticeably when both Ranjan and Manjiree are away overnight when Chutki comes into my room to spend the night. It is pining of the kind that breaks your heart. The joy of catching up with them the next day on their return is another aspect to enjoy watching.
    Rummuser´s last blog post ..Our Good Neighbour.

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