Interesting Questions

I’ve just finished reading Liminal Thinking, essentially about how we can’t believe everything we think and should question our assumptions.

At one point the author says we should ask our friends some questions, starting with,

How do you feel about your life? Is it everything you wanted it to be?

For me the answer is yes. As I’ve said before, when I was in high school I decided I wasn’t ambitious in the usual sense. I simply wanted to “increase the net supply of happiness in the world.” That’s how I phrased it then. I wanted to learn how to be happy and if possible help other people to be happy too. I knew I didn’t have much control over other people, so I would start with myself and help others when I could.

Not a very noble-sounding life purpose, I agree, but I love it. Commitment and practice — it works for me. 🙂

How would you answer those two questions?


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10 Responses to Interesting Questions

  1. Audra E says:

    One day you write about the “de-constructors” and the next you focus on your own happiness. Yes, absolutely. Around here, people quip that in these dark times we should “think locally, act locally”.

    • Jean says:

      They’re all part of the great collage.

      I like the combination of the Dalai Lama’s

      Happiness is the purpose of life.

      And Gandhi’s

      Be the change you want in the world.

      Nothing very great or complicated. Just try to push the world a little bit in the direction you would like it to go.


      Play your part well and let go of the results.

  2. Looney says:

    I am skeptical about the belief that we should be skeptical about all beliefs. But not quite sure how to proceed from here.
    Looney´s last blog post ..Some birds are more important than others

  3. tammy j says:

    I do have regrets. but they were regrets beyond my control so it’s pointless to let them define my life.
    ever since discovering great minds like eckhardt tolle and the dalai lama and others… I have been trying to learn ‘to live in the present.’ it is all we have.
    and I think that “net happiness” is an excellent goal for oneself AND for others!
    tammy j´s last blog post ..moving on old bean

  4. Rummuser says:

    No,my life has not been everything I wanted it to be. Loss of my wife put paid to a number of plans that I had to do with her by my side. Other than that, I have learnt to accept what comes my way and not regret what could have been.
    Rummuser´s last blog post ..Lion (2016) Movie,

  5. Cathy in NZ says:

    Lots of things have not gone right for me!

    The memories of getting very ill, and finding that 2 doctors (both now not in my life) got it sadly wrong – one of which has caused me a great deal of grief on not really seeing what could be fixed…

    Yes, I’m better than I was but with “no thanks to them” – I ended up using my own judgement that got me through things but it didn’t bring anything that i really desired…

    I look like (from the outside) I have it made, but believe me it’s not exactly what I want…particularly on certain fronts! BUT that is what life is sometimes, you have to make it work for YOU at whatever stage…

    Right now, I’m in a “marking time” stage of one of my avenues of life; whereas another avenue is “full stream ahead” – I’m not sure if they will collide these avenues, but I’m thinking they may meld together happily – WELL AT LEAST FOR NOW 🙂

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