Yeah, Sure

The top Republican on the House intelligence committee said he has not seen any evidence to back President Donald Trump’s claim that the Obama administration wiretapped him during the 2016 campaign and suggested the news media were taking the president’s weekend tweets too literally.

“The president is a neophyte to politics — he’s been doing this a little over a year,” Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., told reporters Tuesday. “I think a lot of the things he says, I think you guys sometimes take literally.”
The Washington Post

Yeah, sure. Blame the press when they take Trump’s tweets seriously. We can’t expect Trump to be more responsible. Does the word “enabler” come to your mind too?

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  1. Mike says:

    No, what comes to my mind is “redirect.”

    Trump is baiting the press and the press is taking the bait, often redirecting their narratives.

    Funny thing is, though, if there was any electronic surveillance of candidate Trump by the previous administration, President wouldn’t Trump now be in a position where he almost certainly could find out about it.

    Then, there was NSA Director Mike Rogers paying a visit to Trump Tower ten days after the election without informing President Obama. Did Rogers wait for an SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) to be set up in Trump Tower, and then notify the President-elect he was being monitored by President Obama?
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  2. tammy j says:

    I never in my life thought this country would elect such a person.
    his character is so completely reprehensible in every way.
    there is just no maturity. . .
    neither emotionally nor diplomatically nor even morally … although he has much company in common there with many past presidents.
    the list otherwise of his lack of leadership could go on and on.
    I’m really to the point that nothing he boasts about or complains about or accuses others of doing or not doing is anything that I would believe.
    and actually… there for a short minute … believe it or not… I was feeling a little bit sorry for him with all the degrading impersonations going about.
    if he’s truly mentally ill i’m sorry for him. and if he is not and is just as nasty as he seems to be… then eventually SOMETHING he finally does will turn out to be his downfall. surely.
    hopefully before he wrecks the country completely.
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  3. This would be amusing to watch if it wasn’t so dangerous. When I think about North Korea plotting and scheming to do real damage to our continent, (not to mention Russia) I shudder. There is so much serious business to work on. Sometimes I think we are a ship of fools, with the biggest fool of all for a captain!
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