The Good Old Days

Do you think we will ever look back at these times and think of them as the good old days?


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12 Responses to The Good Old Days

  1. nick says:

    Not me. I’ve always lived in trying times and I’ve never thought of them as anything else. I know some people have a tendency to remember only the good bits and deny all the difficult bits, but I’m not one of them.
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    • Jean says:

      The quality of our lives depends on how we focus our energy and attention.

      I tend to focus more on the good things and treat the rest as challenges. That’s different than denial.

  2. Rummuser says:

    Bar a few occasions, I generally had good old times. And I am not being facetious. Somehow my life just seems to have been like that.
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  3. Audra E says:

    When I think of our current island life, I say: of course, these are good days! But when I think of Sean Spicer openly accusing the Brits of spying and citing Fox News as his source, I goggle in amazement. And when I attend however briefly to news about North Korea……
    Karen and Dan have passed the tests to qualify as “permanent residents, skilled worker category” for Canada. They have 2 years in which to make up their minds about activating the permission before it elapses. Karen says: “if Washington State were a nation, we’d have the 5th largest nuclear arsenal in the world (in the Bremerton area). ” It’s all too easy to feel like a target.

    • Jean says:

      That’s neat that Karen and Dan have a choice. And that they have two years to decide. A lot will happen in those two years!

  4. Linda Sand says:

    In the good old days I remember my Mom trying to make the grocery budget stretch through the pay period. The 50s were a good time to be a kid, though.

    • Jean says:

      I remember those days too. My father got paid on Thursdays so that’s the night my mother sister and I went grocery shopping. I remember that fondly, but I wouldn’t trade my life now.

  5. Looney says:

    According to Dr. Wiki, the original “good old days” were sometime before 1726 in England. Perhaps Daniel Defoe was referring to his time in prison? Please forgive me for belatedly trying to figure out what the “good old days” actually referred to.
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  6. Cathy in NZ says:

    i’m not sure if anything could be classed as the “good old days” – I suppose when you look back at parts of it – it was a simpler time…and you somehow managed.

    I just had a pal over to help with the shed “improvements” i.e. move something awkward up onto a couple of bricks. And I then asked him to fix my “screens on my s/phone” because somehow I had inadvertently got 3 of them now…he fixed them (still getting to used to where the apps are) but also he showed me how to remove certain things easily…

    he then said “you probably didn’t do anything to get the extra screens, things just seem to happen, often when something is updated” 🙂

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