Too Harsh?

Do you think the therapist is being too harsh?

Life is not the way it’s supposed to be, it’s the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.
—Virginia Satire

Do you agree with Virginia Satir?


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19 Responses to Too Harsh?

  1. Cindi says:

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  2. Cathy in NZ says:

    the quote definitely rings some bells…a lot of bells have been ringing around since late last week 🙂

  3. Ursula says:

    I don’t know about “harsh” but the therapist is most certainly limited. He thinks that money is the great motivator, a cure-all. Imagine the patient to be rich beyond care, with money to burn. What’s it to him if every time he voices a complaint it costs him? Nothing. Typical, isn’t it, it’s expensive to be poor. You can’t even complain for free.

    Yes, I agree with Satir. Reminds me of: “It’s not the load; it’s how you carry it.” However, and there is no use denying it, for some people the load is so heavy it’s physically (metaphorically speaking) virtually impossible to carry it without pulling a muscle (metaphorically speaking) or, worst case scenario, just impossible full stop despite best will and intention.

    Advent greetings,
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    • Jean says:

      I certainly agree with you about trying to motivate the client. I also agree life is too much for some people to bear. As Russell said,

      The secret of happiness is to face the fact that the world is horrible, horrible, horrible.

      That reminds me of a remedial reading teacher (junior high school) I helped as a volunteer. She realized the kids would have a lot of trouble in life if they didn’t learn to read, so she would tell them, “There is no fairy godmother.” She and the volunteers were there to help, but ultimately the kids had to do the work.

  4. tammy j says:

    the cartoon (your own!) is great.
    and I love both quotes… from Russell and Satir.
    the trick is remembering to live with their wisdom when things go not only awry but “horrible horrible horrible.”
    still working on it. and will no doubt til my dying day.
    sometimes I tire of being such a work in progress!
    tammy j´s last blog post ..moving on old bean

    • Jean says:

      ?? Too harsh? Satir? Both? One size doesn’t fit all. Can you not think of some circumstances when the therapist’s approach might be the effective one?

  5. Looney says:

    But the complaining is where all the fun is …

    Being spoiled, there is part of me that agrees that life is about handling what is thrown at us, and another that says that I am not really qualified to comment since things have gone too smoothly for me.
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  6. Cindi says:

    Satir’s quote? Yes, completely agree.
    No one said life is fair but that is something that has to be un-learned.
    As children we were taught to be kind and fair and that’s not how life really is.
    It’s like thinking a Lion won’t eat you just because you wouldn’t eat him.
    You just have to stop complaining and get on with it.
    So yes, it’s all about how you get on with living your life.
    The degree of happiness or pessimism you feel about life depends on it.
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    • Cindi says:

      Let me add, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be kind and fair, just because we aren’t treated the same.
      (Honestly, I’m at work right now and I shouldn’t be.
      I’m sick and can’t think straight nor put together a sentence but I think you can get my thought on this.)
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    • Jean says:

      I knew you weren’t implying we shouldn’t be kind and fair. I figure the poor old world needs a lot more of that, and that is something positive we can do.

      Please take care of yourself. We worry about you.

  7. nick says:

    I quite agree with Virginia – it’s how you handle a situation that makes the difference. You can moan and groan and make heavy weather of it, or you can rise to the challenge and turn the situation to your advantage.
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    • Jean says:

      Yes! One of my favorite questions is, “What’s the opportunity here?” And my favorite prayer when things go “wrong” is, “Thank You, Lord, for the opportunity. I sure hope you know what you’re doing!”

  8. Rummuser says:

    I agree 100% with Satir.
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