Relaxing Day

We always take it easy the first day so the lowlanders can get used to the altitude. Sammy doesn’t seem to be affected by it much, but Kaitlin tends to get a headache, and last summer Tempi got sick after a long walk. According to our Garmin the house is at 8868 feet above sea level, so it’s best to be sensible and just hang out at first. Needless to say, we had a good time yesterday.


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  1. Ursula says:

    Where Sammy seems to expect the world to deliver Tempi appears to have realized already that it’s best not to expect too much and just swing with it. What a lovely, if not matching, pair they make!

    Hope Kaitlin’s headache will lift. Not that she does have much time to acclimatize. It’s odd how some people will be affected by certain geographical/weather conditions. Mention so much as the word “Foehn” to my mother and she’ll, literally, be under the weather with a headache to match.

    You sound happy, Jean. Wishing you, and those dear to you, a 2018 that comes close to what you hope for.

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  2. Linda Sand says:

    It takes me three days to acclimate to high altitudes so weekend visits are worthless. Not that I hike anymore anyway. 🙂

    • Jean says:

      The nice thing about the house is they can just hang out when they need to rest. They seem to enjoy it, and they do the long drive so the pups can come too.

  3. Cathy in NZ says:

    I hadn’t thought of attitude at all…but now that you mention it – it would be something that might take a month for me 🙂 I doubt very much if I’m more or less at sea level here 🙂 although I am up a slight rise from the inlet stream from the harbour…

    anyway – looks like you’ve onto it with the humans and the granddogs…so just take time to enjoy the company.

    HNY 2018

  4. I’m glad everyone has arrived safely! It has been long time since I’ve been at a “higher elevation,” and I remember that headache when I wasn’t. I hope today has been an enjoyable and quiet one.

    Happy (almost) New Year!!

    • Jean says:

      I remember camping with Andy at about 8,000 feet in Yosemite years ago. The stars were spectacular, and so were our headaches. We still remember them both. 🙂

  5. Rummuser says:

    The highest point in India that I have visited and spent some time is Kulu Manali at a height of 6725 feet. I too had problems adjusting the first day on every occasion that I was there. I can well imagine what it must be to be another 2000+ feet higher.

    Pune is just 1850 feet above sea level but the climate is vastly different from the nearest city Mumbai which is coastal. For one, it is cooler and drier. I get very uncomfortable whenever I visit Mumbai due to its humidity!
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  6. tammy j says:

    i’m with rummy on humidity. it feels like being smothered to me!
    the altitude is not that great with the blood pressure thing going.
    but oh how I do love the mountains. like the marine. he would go anyway even if it meant dying there probably! but he goes to those trails that to me are ridiculous. at 12 and 14 thousand feet. good lord. no thank you.
    Sammy’s smile. and tempi has grown so much! those long front legs! 😀
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    • Jean says:

      When Kaitlin was younger and we went to California to visit my folks, she would get headaches. She said it was because all that air was pushing down on her. 🙂

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