We Can’t Believe Everything We Think

“They Couldn’t Hit An Elephant At This Distance.”
— Last words of Union General John Sedgwick before being shot to death by Confederate troops.

As usual, it pays to question our assumptions.


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12 Responses to We Can’t Believe Everything We Think

  1. Sharon says:

    We all know what assume means, right?
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Christmas Surprises

    • Jean says:

      Yes, but we make so many decisions, make so many interpretations of reality, every day that it’s understandable a lot of them will be on automatic pilot.

  2. I wonder how many assumptions we make every day? A major one would be that we think others know what’s going on with us—that they know what we think.
    Still the Lucky Few´s last blog post ..Vibrant Health—Yours at Any Age!

  3. tammy j says:

    poor man!
    it seems assumption is usually dangerous or at the least problematic.
    like the husband or wife who says “I assumed you would do it!” 😀
    tammy j´s last blog post ..moving on old bean

  4. Rummuser says:

    I will shortly be writing a post more or less covering this topic.
    Rummuser´s last blog post ..Separation.

  5. Mike says:

    Of course, the shooter might have been aiming at someone else.
    Mike´s last blog post ..Field Notes

  6. Cathy in NZ says:

    definitely that word/doing is part of our lives…but whether we start by saying “I assume…” is debatable. We just do something because maybe it has always been the case.

    one of the problems I have is do with my medical v disability issues, where people assume something quite wrong…and usually get a shock when they find out the “truth”

    i have a good friend, who is going to be “doing something interesting over the next 6 weeks, with the emphasis on the last 4” – he has assumed that “I will like it…” but everything I have suggested, that I do like, he says “no, not that…”
    He has got more and more cryptic – so a couple of days ago, I said “there is something I like, and I think you would be up for it BUT you just don’t have the body for it…” he got all ratty, I wouldn’t spill the beans 🙂

    • Jean says:

      The most important assumptions are the subconscious/automatic ones we question only when forced to.

      Please let us know what that “interesting thing” turns out to be, and if you do indeed like it. Good for you for turning the tables on him.

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