Chasing Birds

This baby elephant chasing birds…

reminds me of Montana barking at the ravens.

They’ll be coming to visit in a couple of weeks, and we’re looking forward to it. 🙂


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A Favorite Picture

kaitlin in backpack

I’m still spending a lot of time organizing old files and pictures, and this picture of Kaitlin is one of my all-time favorites. It warms my heart and puts a smile on my face every time I look at it.

Do you have some favorite photos? What warms your heart?


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Bright Ideas

This comic reminds me of a story I read the other day. A little boy was in his bedroom and started screaming in terror. The parents rushed in to see what was wrong.

The boy screamed he had swallowed a penny and he was going to DIE! To reassure him, the father did the magic trick of pulling a penny from behind the boy’s ear — he held the penny in his outstretched hand to show the boy he was safe. The boy was delighted, grabbed the penny, swallowed it, and said, “Do that again, Daddy!”

Some bright ideas work better than others.

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A lot of people wish they had Rummuser’s option on their ballot: NOTA (None of the above.)


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Dogs and Dining
Click on picture for higher resolution.

Dogs aren’t interested in dining, are they?

They’re also not always polite.


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He Found Some!

As we said, the store where Andy got his early-maturing tomatoes (Early Girls) last year didn’t have them this season, but he found some at our supermarket Wednesday evening. How cool is that?

6-09-16 Tomatoes 2

They definitely look better than the ones he planted, but as usual, there are no guarantees.

5-21-16 Trip to Land 30

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Retail Therapy

I’ve been reading articles lately about how buying material goods doesn’t bring happiness — one should invest in experiences instead. We get bored with our possessions and they wear out, but our memories last forever.

Hmm. That implies all memories are good. I’m with Cathy on this one, it depends. For instance a fellow was boiled alive recently at Yellowstone National Park. He and his sister had stepped off the boardwalk to get a closer look at the brilliant colors of the steaming pools when he slipped and fell into one. The sister immediately called for help, but it was too late.

With adventures, like shopping, it pays to be sensible.

That said, this article in Psychology Today explains why some shopping can make us happy: Why “Retail Therapy” Works.

Andy and I buy a lot of things, but mostly books, magazines, and items for our projects. For us it’s not shopping vs experiences, they’re tied together. What about you?


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Hungry Dogs
Click on picture for higher resolution.

I can’t imagine where that fellow got the idea that dogs never want anything, but the Sibes over at The Thundering Herd just wrote a post on the matter. They not only want to be fed, they want their dinner to be on time!

Here are three of the Sibes waiting for Hu-dad to finally get them their food:

The Thundering Herd
Used with permission of owner.

He certainly wasn’t showing much gratitude for all they do for him!

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The Economy, Stupid!
Click on picture for higher resolution.

This cartoon would probably resonate with some dissatisfied voters this year. It reminds me of Bill Clinton’s campaign slogan when he was running against George H. W. Bush in 1992: “The economy, stupid!” The recession and lack of jobs was the main reason for Bush’s loss, Clinton’s win. And the present recession and the one-sidedness of the recovery is a big reason for the current political mess.

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Lilac Bush

Andy took these pictures of our lilac bush yesterday.

June 6, 20116

June 6, 20116

June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016

It’s come a long way since it was burned to the ground June 26, 2011.

It didn’t stay down long, here’s a picture of it less than three months later.

September 12, 2011.

September 12, 2011.

Yay, little lilac!


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