Doing His Daughter’s Hair

This father had a quick, creative solution.

I love it! What do you think?


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Sweet Sammy

Someone told Torben about this game, so he built one for the pups. Sammy didn’t understand it, but he seemed to enjoy it. He did get plenty of treats out of it at the end.

Here is a video of the original device. Bella’s approach seemed more sensible than Sammy’s, but he also got some treats.

Fun stuff. Thank you Torben and Kaitlin! And sweet Sammy and Montana.


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Flash Flood Warning

We had a flash flood warning until 3 PM yesterday afternoon — there was a heavy rain somewhere in this area, and the storm was nearly stationary. That means some place really got pounded.

One of the rain gauges in Bandelier National Monument said the water had risen four feet, and visitors and staff were urged to move to higher ground.

I expected that our roads would be hit too, but Andy said he could see the storm in the distance, but there was little rain around the land. We could have gone up for our picnic, but he wasn’t feeling well, so we’ll try again later in the week.

Anyway, we’re grateful! Any good news where you are?


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Yesterday Andy found and uncovered the last culvert and its stake.



Needless to say, he made the stake taller so he could find the culvert more easily the next time it gets buried.


And sooner or later there’s bound to be a “next time”. But at least he’s finished for now.

Today he plans to spray his fruit trees. And if the weather is nice he’ll come home early and we’ll go up for a picnic dinner. Do you have any plans for the weekend?


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Culvert Work

Andy spent yesterday uncovering three more culverts — he found them by their stakes. He has one more to do tomorrow, and even the stake is buried for that one. He’ll have to poke around looking for it.




Even though he didn’t take another picture, he finished uncovering the culvert.

Here’s what the road looked like upstream of another of the blocked culverts.


And here’s what it looked like downstream.


As you can see, the damage isn’t that bad. But the ditches are partially filled and if we get another gully washer we will have more problems, but not as much as if he had done nothing.

Even if we don’t have more damage this year, he plans to have Orlando come up later to fix the road so he can plow this winter. When he does he’ll have Orlando fix the ditches.

We had to do periodic roadwork even before the fire, but not nearly as much!


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Rain and Hail

Beate wrote this morning that they had another 3/4 inch of rain, a fair share of it hail, last night. And it came down in ten minutes — between 11:30 and 11:40 PM. Argh! She said the road down to the canyon bottom (the one that needed most of the work last weekend) looked all right. Beate and Tim cleared out the three big culverts in the canyon bottom — known as the Gold Star culvert, and the three- and four-foot culverts. Bless them!

Andy spent most of the day clearing out most of the ~15 culverts along our “driveway” (from the canyon bottom to our house). He has four more to do. We were surprised that they needed so much work because the hillsides have a lot of vegetation, and last time they didn’t have any problems at all.


If we don’t have another big rain we won’t have to call in the heavy equipment this weekend. The adventure continues.


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Jawbone and Rain

Kaitlin told us about the Jawbone UP when she was here. The bracelet records your activity and sleep, then the information can be downloaded and processed through a smartphone or iPad app.

By tonight Andy will have tried it for a week, then I’ll try it. It’s fun to look at the graphs, but they don’t really correspond to what he does. For instance, here’s his sleep graph for Monday evening:


It says he slept very well. That wasn’t his experience. He said it was raining and he kept thinking of the road, so he didn’t sleep well at all.

As it turns out, he needn’t have worried, Monday night at least. We had 1.2 inches of rain up on the land, and Beate had 3/4 of an inch, but she said it came down slowly and steadily. The road looked just fine. On the other hand, we had another rain down here last night, part of it a downpour, so who knows?

After today the rain is supposed to start petering out, which we don’t want either — picky, picky, picky! We don’t want heavy downpours, but we do want enough moisture to help the plants grow. Somehow they didn’t ask us, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

We hope your weather is to your liking. :)


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There was a lot of excitement about the rain on the local news Sunday evening. Apparently so much came down in one place it left puddles all over town.

It reminded us of a newscast years ago about flooding. It showed one town where most of the population came out to see the creek about to overflow its banks. What excitement!

Yes, we do live in the dry Southwest. It’s quite a contrast to the Midwest. Last month Kaitlin sent this photo of their backyard.


When I showed it to Andy his first reaction was puzzlement. Why did she send it? Then he said, “Oh! They don’t have a pond, do they?” No, not unless it’s raining.

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Comfortable and Happy

Kaitlin sent this picture of Sammy yesterday:


He looks comfortable and happy. I’m not so sure about the plants.

What about you? Have you been comfortable and/or happy lately?


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Roadwork, 7/12/14

Andy, Orlando, and Scott worked on the road today. (There are more pictures here.)







The road looked fine when they left, and we’re hoping for some good rains now to see if this last deluge was a fluke or if we need to upgrade the culvert system. As usual, we will let you know.


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