Great Afternoon/Evening

Andy has continued to work on getting the trees off the road.




And the weather has been glorious, so he came home around 3:30 and we both went up to enjoy the fall colors and have a picnic supper.

We have to get up around 6 this morning in order to get to Santa Fe by 8 for his 9:35 surgery. Hopefully it will all go smoothly.


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How Sleazy

A few days ago I wrote about receiving an email trying to scare me about an ebola pandemic so I might buy some of the company’s survival products. Because of those tactics I’m much less likely to buy from that company.

Yesterday I read about another company, Blue String Ventures, that is also trying to cash in on the ebola concerns. The company bought the domain in 2008, and it’s now trying to sell it for “only” $150,000.

The president of the company told CNBC, would be a great domain for a pharmaceutical company working on a vaccine or cure, a company selling pandemic or disaster-preparedness supplies, or a medical company wishing to provide information and advertise services. There could be many other applications as well. With so many people concerned about the disease, any advertisement referring people to should get an excellent response.

How sleazy can you get?


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Falling Trees

It’s now been over three years since the fire, and the smaller trees are starting to fall down when it’s windy. Andy encountered them in four places on the way home yesterday. In the first three spots he cut them enough so he could drive around them.

At First Spot Before

Trees at First Spot — Before

At First Spot After

Trees at First Spot — After

At Second Spot Before

Trees at Second Spot — Before

At Second Spot After

Trees at Second Spot — After

 At Third Spot Before

Trees at Third Spot — Before

At Third Spot After

At Third Spot — After

But when he came to the fourth place, he had the option of coming back on another road, so he took it. It was time to come home.

Trees at the Fourth Spot

Trees at the Fourth Spot

Needless to say, he expects to do more sawing today.


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More Complicated This Time

When Andy needed a hernia repaired about 25 years ago, it was fairly simple. He had an appointment with a local surgeon, they talked about it, and they scheduled the surgery at our local hospital. After he woke up from the surgery, they called me at work, and I picked him up and drove him the two blocks home.

This time he met with the surgeon here in town, but the surgery will be in Santa Fe, 35 miles away. In the meeting here he filled out a lot of forms, the surgeon gave him a brief physical exam, and he was told the surgery would be next Wednesday, Oct 15. We thought that was it, but last Thursday the Santa Fe medical center said he needed a pre-op physical exam as soon as possible, could he come in 11:15 the next day? So we drove down there, and he again filled out a number of forms and had a slightly more extensive exam.

He asked the nurse practitioner who examined him if the extra exam was because of his age, and she said no. Everyone has to have one, and in fact he was the healthiest person she had seen all day. How did he manage to be in such good shape? He said it must be just luck. She gave him a doubtful look and said, “Yeah, sure.”

So, even though the land is an expensive hobby, it does keep him happy and healthy. Yay, Andy! Yay, land!


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Not One, Not Two, But Ten Gazillion

This afternoon we received a third request for a refund — still naming us as the provider — for that crazy health insurance bill. I spent another 20 minutes on the phone about it. The Customer Service representative was very friendly and very helpful. Every time I phone the representative of the day has to go through all the notes to figure out what had happened, but this one said someone seems to be actively working on it. We’ll see how it turns out.

As far as I can tell our mailing a response to the second request — with a complete explanation of what had happened — didn’t work, and all the attempts by the Customer Service representatives didn’t work, but my attempt using their website did. According to the latest notes the finance department is now working on it so we don’t have to reply to the new request. It pays to have more than one thing to try.

After I hung up I told Andy I deserved ten gazillion yay, Jeans for being so cheerful about the whole thing. He agrees.

In fact, it was easy to be cheerful because

  1. At this stage the whole thing is funny,
  2. The representative was friendly and competent, and
  3. Customer Service is open in the evening, so I didn’t have to wait until the next day to pursue the matter.

Yay, all of us! Except maybe the person who created the mess by mailing us a check and the finance department that is taking forever to clean up its records.


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Being Prepared

I received an email today entitled Are You Prepared For an Ebola Pandemic? Well, probably not. The company suggested all sorts of survival items we could buy from them, for instance backpacks with enough food, water, and heat to survive 72 hours, emergency lanterns, bulk quantities of freeze-dried food, etc. I decided to pass on their special offers.

Our local utility department has warned us in the past about being prepared to shelter in place for three days, but I doubt that would be enough if our town was quarantined because of an Ebola pandemic. Still, I will replace my seven gallons of emergency water, and I’ve ordered more cans of salmon and tuna because my supply of them is running low. I just stock up on food we use a lot and assume in an emergency we can get by with that.

I’m betting we won’t have to worry about an Ebola epidemic here. What do you think?


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Good PR

If I had to fly on a plane, I would like to fly with this airline.

What about you?


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Taking Umbrage, or Not

umĀ·brage (noun) = offense or annoyance.

“she took umbrage at his remarks”
synonyms: take offense, take exception, be aggrieved, be affronted, be annoyed, be angry, be indignant, be put out, be insulted, be hurt, be piqued, be resentful, be disgruntled, go into a huff, be miffed, have one’s nose put out of joint, chafe
“I would take umbrage at that if I thought you were serious”

Some of you may remember that our health insurance company created a mess by issuing a check to us for a service that had already been paid to the provider. One of the things I tried after receiving a bill the second time (after the matter had already been settled once) was posting a message to their website customer service. I thought it might be a good way to have something in writing. The website responded saying they would ship our question to the appropriate department and we would hear back. That was about a month ago.

We finally heard back Monday, long after the matter was presumably settled the second time. I expected their message to confirm that fact, but instead it said

Hello Andrew,

We do have a copy of the canceled check showing that you signed the check over to the provider; however, in order for us to contact the provider to pursue the refund we need documentation from the provider stating they received payment of $236.85 and the date they received the payment. The area that handles the refund requests and collection of said requests requires this information in order to update our files and pursue the refund from the provider. The information may be sent to the address below.

They included the address where we should send the information they wanted. And as usual, they concluded with

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our customer service department at the toll-free number on the back of your … identification card ….

I was tempted to ask them why on earth they thought it was appropriate to expect us to clean up their messes, but instead I just told them the matter has been resolved. If they have any questions just phone the customer service number.

I thought about taking umbrage at their nerve, but decided I have a lot more fun things to do with my time.

Yay, us!


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Yay, Fly Traps!

Andy’s still having trouble with flies in the shed.


He put out new fly traps around 12:30 Sunday afternoon, and this is what they looked like at 4 pm.


Yay, fly traps!


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Another Good Reason to Eat Your Veggies

In Broccoli Eaters Get More Out of Life, Tom Jacobs writes

People who ate more fruits and vegetables over the 13-day period reported higher average levels of curiosity, creativity, and positive emotions, as well as engagement, meaning, and purpose.

It makes sense to me that they’re correlated. Whenever I find myself in some doldrums, the first thing I do is to make sure I’m eating nutritious food and getting enough exercise. Then I find something to get curious about. That always gets me back to feeling fully alive and engaged in life. What do you do?


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