Another Example
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Just another example of different people liking different things.


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Lifelong Learning

In youth we learn, in age we understand.
—Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Thank you for the quote, Still the Lucky Few!

Do you agree with that quote? Does it represent what has happened in your life? It doesn’t for me. I’ve always been interested in lifelong learning, and understanding comes when it comes. Or not. Being confused is fine too. It’s better than thinking I understand more than I do. It keeps me questioning and open to new ideas/ways of thinking. There’s a lot to be said for the Socrates quote:

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.

Which doesn’t mean it isn’t soul-satisfying to learn new things. That’s why I’m so taken by Durga Kami in Nepal. He’s 68 years old and walks an hour six mornings a week to go to high school. He’s now in the 10th grade.

He wanted to become a teacher when he was a child but there was no money for school. So when his children left home and his wife died, he attended the local primary school to learn to read and write. When he graduated he received a scholarship for the high school he now attends. He hopes to continue learning until he dies, and he hopes he can encourage others. “If they see an old person with white beard like me studying in school they might get motivated as well,” he says.

He’s a man after my own heart.


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Another Bear Story

A woman made the mistake of leaving her Subaru unlocked overnight, and a bear got in. He also managed to lock the door and the police had to let him out.

Do you think he will ever try that again? Do you think the woman will lock her car doors in the future?


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Turf Roof?
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As usual, nature is not always as idyllic as we would like.


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Bear Stories
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In a comment on yesterday’s post Diane mentioned some bear hunters who stumbled across a grizzly bear den. They were seriously injured but lived to tell the tale.

I’m just the opposite, I have no desire to look for bears. Years ago I heard a crashing in the trees nearby and started walking the other way, just in case it was a bear. I figured I was being foolish, that it was just elk, and that was why Andy saw a lot more elk than I did.

Then a few minutes later Andy yelled,

Hey, Jean! Did you see the bear walking down the road?

Uh, no, and I didn’t mind missing it. I also decided I would keep my strategy of keeping my distance from animals crashing in the woods.


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We’ve been having a lot of bear sightings around here, and the lab has closed its trails to hikers for safety reasons. A few weeks ago a woman participating in a marathon in the mountains was mauled by a bear. She had surprised a mother bear as she came over a hill. The woman was found by another runner about a half hour later and was airlifted to Albuquerque to have her bites, scratches and fractured eye socket treated.

The bear was killed so it could be tested for rabies, and her cubs were captured and sent to a rehabilitation center. The woman was upset about the bears, but the state law says any bear that bites a human has to be killed and tested for rabies. The woman is trying to get the law changed — she feels the mother was just trying to protect her cubs in her own environment and that in cases like that the bears should be left alone and the humans should have to get rabies shots.

She had thought she would be safe from bears because of all the other people in the marathon, so she hadn’t carried pepper spray. In the future she will always take it, just in case!

I admire her for her compassion for the bears.


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Some mysteries are better left unsolved.


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Depressing Election

This election season is even more depressing than most.


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I dream quite often and the dreams are usually weird and have little to do with what’s going on in my life. But yesterday morning I had a crazy one about Andy and me going to see an eye doctor. The content had nothing to do with my current concerns, but I woke up tense and am pretty sure the dream was related to my appointment in Santa Fe on July 15.

Do you ever remember dreaming? If so, do the dreams seem to be connected with what’s going on in your life?

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They’re Back Home

Kaitlin phoned last night to say they made it home safely. They had also sent pictures of Montana and Sammmy on the trip home.

Montana knows how to make herself comfortable:

7-06-16 Trip Home 1

And Sammy, as usual, was good-natured about it.

7-06-16 Trip Home 3

7-06-16 Trip Home 2

When they got to their exit both of the pups got excited:

7-06-16 Trip Home 5

7-06-16 Trip Home 4

As usual, it’s great to get home after a long trip.


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