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This is another hobby I won’t be taking up.


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Failure or Feedback Before Swine Before Swine
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Sorry, Pig, successful entrepreneurs wouldn’t agree with you. They would say you need to take risks and be comfortable with failure if you want to succeed. For instance, Sara Blakley, a self-made billionaire, is grateful to her dad. He used to ask her at dinner, “What did you fail at this week?” For other examples see Fail Fast: 7 Female Entrepreneurs on the Mistakes That Moved Them Forward.

I personally have never been that interested in what the world calls success. For me it was creating a life that I love. And any creative project means trying things to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s not about success and failure, it’s about coming up with ideas and testing them to see what changes need to be made. When something doesn’t work, it’s not failure, it’s just feedback. Well, yeah, it can be scary at times, but it’s a lot better than the alternative.

For me, at least. What about for you?


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Drinking and Happiness

11-14-14-pearls-before-swine-drinking- Before Swine
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Does this cartoon remind you anyone you’ve known? It reminds me of my dad. He hated being an alcoholic, and he ended up dying of cirrhosis of the liver. But often when he was drunk he was happier than anyone else I knew. So who’s to say …?

He had a big influence on me. When I was a teen I decided I wanted to figure out how a person could be that happy without alcohol or drugs. That doesn’t sound a profound life mission, but there it was, and it’s been an interesting trip. In Notes of How to Live in This World and Still Be Happy Hugh Prather addresses the question, “Is it selfish to try to be happy?” His answer is simple — it’s the only way he knows to be kind. It reminds me of the ever-smiling Dalai Lama, who says, “Happiness is the purpose of life” and “My religion is very simple. My religion kindness.” And Thich Nhat Hahn says you can’t really help another person if you’re not happy.

So, doing my best to be happy it is. Who am I to argue with Prather, the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hahn? And it has the added benefit of making me feel close to my dad.


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Not for the Faint of Heart

The road must have been carved out of solid rock, otherwise the road would have washed away. How do you think they manage two-way traffic?


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Nightly News of id of id
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Do you think the king has the right idea?


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Getting Ready for Plowing

Yesterday Andy spent some time cleaning up the sides of the roads in preparation for plowing this winter.









Are you doing anything to prepare for winter?


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Road Closed

Andy didn’t go up to the land yesterday because his usual route up there was closed, and the alternate route would have taken between two and three hours each way.

The road was closed because of a one-vehicle accident in the morning, and it didn’t reopen until about 6:30 last night. The accident was serious— the driver died — and because it was a commercial vehicle (truck?), the Department of Transportation had to investigate it. Presumably the investigator had to come from Santa Fe.

That’s too bad about the driver. There are some sharp curves on the road coming down from the mountains, so accidents do happen there.

On a different note, here’s a video of a dog trying to show a baby how he’s supposed to jump in his swing:


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Yay, Electricity! Yay, County!

Lately I’ve been trying to get to bed a lot earlier, and about 1 a.m. yesterday I was brushing my teeth when most, but not all, of the lights in our apartment went out. It was so strange I woke up Andy. He checked the circuit breakers, which were fine. We have plenty of flashlights for such an occasion, so Andy looked up the emergency/after-hours phone number for the apartments.

When I phoned it, the fellow asked about the circuit breakers, said there was no way to contact the county then, but he would send someone over in the morning to see what was going on. If things changed before then please phone him.

Okay. I know the county crews work nights and weekends, so I ended up phoning our friendly police department to find out what to do. The dispatcher was very helpful. She waited while I double-checked that it wasn’t just our apartment that was having problems, took my phone number, and contacted the county for us. The fellow there phoned us to get the details, and a few minutes later a county truck appeared in our parking lot and a couple of guys started looking for the problem. Andy and I went to bed.

I woke up briefly around 6 a.m., saw the lights were on in the other room, and phoned our after-hours apartment fellow to tell him the problem had been fixed.

Today I wrote to the police department and the county public works department to thank them for the prompt service. Yay, electricity! Yay, county! Is it any wonder I love this place?


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No Longer Our Problem


Pearls Before Swine/
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The above cartoon is a bit of an exaggeration, of course. And as I’ve said, the customer service department of our health insurance company is easily accessible. The billing department, not so much.

But progress has been made. We recently received an email saying they’re now trying to get the refund from the provider instead of from us. According the Customer Service the provider returned the money months ago, but at least we should no longer be pestered. Yay!


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Modern Movies

As an independent film producer admitted last weekend at the Middleburg Film Festival, when asked what he thought the audience was for one of his films, “I don’t really think about the audience when I’m producing a film. Maybe I should.”
Critic’s notebook: ‘Interstellar’s’ sonic soup or: How auteurs diss their audiences

I imagine movie producers who want to produce blockbusters think about their audience, but they certainly don’t think of people like me — people who don’t like loud noises but do like clear dialog. It’s been years since I’ve seen a movie in a theater, and even then I wore ear plugs plus industrial-strength ear protectors.

I do sometimes watch movies using Netflix, so I can set the volume to a comfortable level, and if it’s hard to understand the dialog I turn on Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

I like movies and TV programs that are more about the characters than about action and special effects. What about you? Do you go to many movies? If so, what kind do you like?


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