Not Agin’ ‘Em All

Years ago “I’ve been agin’ ’em all” was my husband’s and my favorite joke. The world has probably deteriorated even more since then, but at the moment I’m having too good a time to worry about it. I’ve already mentioned the Kindle, that boon to sore old eyes, and this week I’m using it for more than the books I buy at If I send my own PDF files to Amazon it will send them back to me in the Kindle format, including the option of having the Kindle read them to me. Talk about miracles!

(In the above graphic ReadIris 12 converts paper documents into text, which I can then print out as PDF files.)

So that’s how I’m amusing myself as the world goes to hell in the proverbial hand basket. What about you?

Thanks to bikehikebabe, Florence, Evan, Mike, Ursula, Looney, Rummuser, gaelikaa and Cathy for commenting on last week’s post.
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  1. bikehikebabe says:

    I’ve listened to almost all of the “Playaway” books on a little thing that hangs around your neck, that I get at the library.
    Now I have to figure out how to transpose more books using the computer. I think I need something else—maybe an ipod.

    As for the world going to hell in a hand basket, I now can see the events, how everything unfolds, fits together, or most likely doesn’t fit. It’s interesting & doesn’t make me grumpy anymore.

    • Jean says:

      “It’s interesting & doesn’t make me grumpy anymore.” I agree. I’ve always loved history and it’s standing me in good stead right now…it helps put things in perspective. We’re living in revolutionary times, things are changing fast. These times tend to be the most creative, but they’re not always pleasant for the people living through them. As the old Chinese curse says,

      May you live in interesting times.

      We are. 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    I’m amusing myself by “working” through the “hell” the country fell into in 1860, ’61 — right now, specifically, speeches of and reports about a Meeting at Union Square, New York, in April, 1861. Interesting times, indeed.
    Mike´s last blog post ..Approaching the top

    • Jean says:

      I just finished listening to 1864, Lincoln at the Gates of History. A lot of lives would have been spared if the Union generals had been as good as those of the Confederates…it’s heartbreaking to think of it. It does put our present problems in perspective, though.

  3. Cathy in NZ says:

    a couple of weeks ago, every morning and it probably most evenings when I went to the train station in the City a lassie was handing out brochures…for a Kobo eReader. Which is marketed here by Whitcouls (book store). It apparently can handle upto 1000 books and Whitcouls have 2millions books for you to add 🙂

    but I’m not a train-reader very much; I love to watch the world go by outside. Keeping an eye on ‘building projects’ and as the western line is in that mode right now; lots to see.

    now that I’m travelling more (not right now/my 3wk holidy) I’m actually meeting people to talk with…people who work etc!

    I won’t be reading much in the holidays as I have to work with soooooooooo many books each assignment! One of my friends outside Uni was shocked that I had used 20 book/journals in my last essay – she thought I had ‘read them front/back cover’ but of course I hadn’t….

    I had checked the contents and the index and then went from there! I have absolutely no time to even browse a whole chapter most of the time!!

    OK I do read whole chapters which are usually the ‘readings’ that go with that week lecture/tutorial 😉

    As to agin’ a bit…I was chatting to my friend on facebook tonight and I suddenly said “you’ve probably got the impression that I’m feeling old tonight” – as every thing I uttered/typed said something about me being “an old lady” – he typed back “yep, LOL” 🙂

    Just sometimes I feel quite old; ok I’m not all that old but I am when I’m at Uni with the youngsters – both students and lecturers!!!
    Cathy in NZ´s last blog post ..Day 2 – lazy

  4. Looney says:

    I got stuck on a linux install, started reading Aquinas and got stuck reading various opinions of the relationship of soul to matter, and then popped over here for a little entertainment. Yes, the world is “going to hell in the proverbial hand basket”, but there is nothing we can do about it. My way of living with it is to occupy myself with activities that involve recursive interrupts. Better to find a constructive way to be involved with it – maybe even to encourage and cheer people up.

    When the social safety net finally breaks down, the opportunities should be endless!

  5. Jean says:

    I continue to be amazed at how much you have to read. No wonder you would rather watch the world and meet people when you get some time off!

    You certainly don’t sound old to me…you sound engaged in life. but it must be hard when most of the teachers and students are younger.

    I agree…find a way to be constructive. One of my mantras used to be “Centered, creative and constructive.” My motto is, “Stay curious and open to life. No matter what happens keep learning and growing. Find what you love to do and find a way to share it with others.” It helps keep me on track.

  6. Rummuser says:

    I am getting aged.
    Rummuser´s last blog post ..Are People The Same Everywhere

  7. Jean says:

    Aren’t we all! bikehikebabe and I are ahead of you on that one. 🙂

  8. gaelikaa says:

    I am convinced that it’s all in the mind! Getting old, I mean.
    gaelikaa´s last blog post ..The Inessential Belongings That We Collect

  9. tikno says:

    Now I’m 39 going 40. While seeing my wife and my child sleeping, sometimes I’m start to think how myself entering these transition. Hmmm… getting old, I mean.
    tikno´s last blog post ..STOP the hatred war in the social networking site

  10. bikehikebabe says:

    When I turned 30 I thought—Yesterday I was young (in my twenties), today I’m old (in my thirties).

    Age is relative. When you’re in your seventies, 60 is young.

  11. Jean says:

    I’m afraid human bodies are a bit more complicated than that! On the other hand, a part of me is still a little kid at heart.


    I like the way my husband looks at it:

    0-9 years = young young
    10-19 years = middle young
    20-29 years= old young

    30-39 years = young middle age
    40-49 years = middle middle age
    50-59 years= old middle age

    60-69 years = young old
    70-79 years = middle old
    80-89 years= old old

    After that? Very old?

    You’re still middle-aged.

    I agree that turning 30 is psychologically a transition. I was happy when it happened to me. My early 40’s weren’t as much fun…I felt a lot older psychologically than I do now. It’s all very interesting.

  12. tikno says:

    Psychologically that figure makes a better sense.
    Middle-aged meant begin to enter a transition. Experience passing these transition probably exciting. Well, I will facing it.
    tikno´s last blog post ..STOP the hatred war in the social networking site

  13. Jean says:

    I agree with your attitude, experience the transition as exciting. Please share the adventure with us as it unfolds. 🙂

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