Pictures of the Pups

Zoe at The Trauma Center

Zoe and Tempi at The Trauma Center

Zoe and Tempi at The Trauma Center

Tempi on the Way Back to Ann Arbor

The news wasn’t quite as good this morning — there was more air in the wrong place than before. The vet will phone them tonight to tell them how it is going — fingers are still crossed.

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R.I.P. Little Apples

(Beate says their thermometer read 26°.)

Andy doesn’t think the trees will be damaged, but we won’t be getting any Gravenstein apples this year. It’s a harsh life up there.

On another note, here’s a picture of Tempi on the hour-long trip to the trauma center to see Zoe.

There’s a chance Zoe will be released sometime tomorrow.

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The vet phoned and apparently they don’t completely understand what’s going on. Somehow Zoe “compromised” the port on the left side — which apparently in all the gazillion cases they have dealt with has never happened before — so they’re frustrated. There is still some air, so Zoe won’t be released tomorrow, it will be Wednesday at the earliest.

Zoe is restless and active so they are taking her for longer walks than most of their patients. Kaitlin is confident they won’t keep her any longer than necessary.

Kaitlin is also looking forward to getting Zoe home so she and Torben can deal with the problem of keeping her high spirits calm enough so she can heal. And presumably keep her and Tempi from their sometimes rough play.

It could be a lot worse! Fingers still crossed. Thanks for all the good wishes.

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Waiting for News

The good news is Zoe’s right lung, the one that was the worst, is clear. They were still getting air out of the left and thought it might be that the tubes were in the wrong spot, so they were going to do another surgery this afternoon to see. We’re still waiting for news.

Apparently she had a good appetite this morning and had a lot of energy, so it’s looking good. We still don’t know if she will be released tomorrow so they can start the long trip home.

Fingers crossed, but at least she’s getting help. Years ago this kind of care wasn’t available.

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Fingers Crossed for Zoe

Kaitlin, Torben and the pups went to Ann Arbor, MI Friday to stay with Torben’s father this weekend. In this picture they are visiting Zoe at a veterinarian trauma center about an hour away. It looks hopeful because she had a good night, was ravenous, lively, and well behaved with the vets this morning.

What happened was someone had left the front door open without latching the screen door, and Zoe and Tempi saw a squirrel and ran out to chase it. Tempi came back right away, but Zoe took a bit longer and when she came back there was some blood on her and she was having trouble breathing.

They rushed her to the local emergency vet who said her lungs were bruised and there was air in the cavity around her lungs, causing them to collapse. It was definitely a life and death matter, so they removed the pressure on the lungs and she stayed the night there. When she got into distress they again relieved the pressure.

Apparently the wound sometimes heals by itself if they can just keep the pup breathing. The leak and bruises were somewhat better yesterday morning, but they had relieved the pressure in the lungs three times and said it would be easier and less painful to remove the air if tubes were inserted into the cavity. They felt it would be safer to have the trauma center insert the tubes.

Zoe is feeling a lot better today, and if the air leaking into the lung cavity stops she won’t need surgery. Fingers crossed! What a horrible experience.

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Fitted Sheets II

Just for curiosity I did an internet search for videos on how to fold fitted sheets. There are a lot of options!

One article I looked at says learning to fold a fitted sheet is like learning to ride a bicycle. It’s complicated at first but once you’ve mastered it you do it automatically and never forget.

I don’t plan to buy fitted sheets just to check out the process.

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Fitted Sheets

That do you think of fitted sheets? I’ve tried them but decided for me they were more trouble than they are worth. What about you?

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May Flowers, and Blossoms

The cool weather doesn’t seem to have hurt Torben’s daffodils or the blossoms on our Gravenstein apple tree.

Needless to say we’re happy about that.

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How Cool Is That!?

Even though the architect didn’t show, or phone us, last Thursday, the meeting with Joe the contractor was productive. Among other things, Andy said he sometimes has trouble getting Joe by phone. If he doesn’t answer Andy couldn’t leave a message because the mailbox is full.

Joe says sometimes he’s somewhere like in a basement where the reception is poor, the best thing to do is to text him via email. Say what?!

So as soon as I got home I Googled how to do that, and I’m now sending my daily text to Andy from my computer. It’s a lot easier to send than using my cell phone keyboard and also to know if he manages to send a message back.

How cool is that?!

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Can anyone else relate to this, or is it just me?

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