Why I Was So Excited

What I didn’t mention about the gazing ball was how far it is from the house. It’s inside the white oval in this picture (to the left of the fireplace chimney).

One of the first things I do when we go up to the land for a picnic is get the binoculars and look for the ball. Occasionally it’s hidden in a shadow, but I can usually spot it. Last week it leapt out at me so I looked without the binoculars. I could actually see it! That was the first time that happened.

Also, I’ve never been able to take a picture of it before, but this time my iPhone caught it, barely, and without the color. Its just a tiny white dot.

Anyway, it doesn’t take much to amuse us little kiddies. Thank you, Beate and Tim, for such a neat toy!

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The Gazing Ball

Years ago Andy sometimes had trouble finding one of the corner posts for our land, in spite of the white stake he put up. So Beate and Tim bought him a gazing ball to make it more visible. It helped a lot.

Unfortunately it eventually got smashed by a falling tree, so they bought him a steel one. It didn’t have a hole in it to mount on the stake, but they attached it anyway:

Somehow that got knocked off, but Andy, Kaitlin and Torben found it and put it back up.

Kaitlin and Torben suggested we find a sturdier way to mount it, maybe using a wire basket like they use for hanging plants? So we did, and we haven’t have any problems since.

Why am I mentioning this now? Because it’s relevant to tomorrow’s post…this one is long enough!

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Speaking of Rainbows

This is a post from July 5, 2016:

We saw a double rainbow Friday evening. I couldn’t get a photo of the whole thing, and the second rainbow (very faint and on top of the first one) doesn’t show very well:

rainbow 1

rainbow 2

rainbow 3

But Torben managed to get the whole thing.

Torben and Rainbow

rainbow 4

Thank you, Torben!

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Hurray for Smart Phones!

What a great photo opportunity, thanks to her iPhone and the weather.

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Speaking of Elk

Years ago Andy would sometimes come home and say he spooked a few elk. He would hear a crashing in the bushes and walk over and see them running away.

That was neat, but once when I was walking down to the garden I heard a crashing off to my left. Instead of walking towards it, I walked away, figuring it could be a bear. Did I lose my chance to see elk? Actually not. A few minutes later I heard Andy excitedly shout,

Hey, Jean! Did you see the bear going down the road?

No, and I was happy not to have seen it.

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Beate’s Elk

Beate sent me these pictures of elk she encountered on a walk in May, 2016.

How cool is that?! Thanks, Beate!

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Where’s My Cookie?

We do love our Subway suppers.

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This Is What We Saw

Elks on their seasonal migration. Andy guesses there were at least a hundred of them. They crossed the road ahead of us, but those pictures didn’t turn out well…we stayed back so we could watch and not spook them. This one shows some of them after they had crossed.

This is the first time we’ve seen so many so close. How cool is that?!!

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Neat Trip

I went up with Andy for a picnic supper last night so I could see how he’s testig his electronics for automating the solar heating panels.

We also picked some daffodils from the old greenhouse area.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you what we saw on the drive home.

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Fawn Rescue

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