Desktop Wallpapers

What do you use for your desktop wallpaper? The new Mac operating system has this one as a default.

That’s a bit too bright for me, so I looked to see what other choices they have. For some reason I decided on this one for now.

It doesn’t have the impact here that it does on my 27-inch retinal display. There’s something about the water that stirs something deep inside of me.

While writing this I found my old desktop wallpaper from Mac Yosemite that I used for several years:

That one moves me too.

What do you use?

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It snowed yesterday morning, but it melted when it hit the ground.

About an hour or so later the wind came up and the clouds went away.

It was fun to watch.

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Book Connoisseurs

This cartoon reminds me of Tempi…she’s the book lover of the family.

Unfortunately for her, Kaitlin and Torben learned to keep books out of her reach.

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Graceful and Elegant

No one would ever call me graceful and elegant, and that’s fine too. 🙂

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Not Everyone Hates Winter

These pictures remind me of a pup about 50 years ago. I was walking, carrying groceries home, in Ithaca, NY after we had some snow. A dog saw me and invited me to play. I said I was sorry, but I had to get the groceries home. I had a scarf dangling down, so the pup grabbed it and hopefully tried to persuade me. I still had to say no, but I remember that pup to this day.

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Crazy Night

Andy had engine trouble driving down from the land yesterday afternoon, so he coasted most of the way down to where the land leveled, about five miles from here. He phoned for me to meet him so he could try charging the battery.

It didn’t work, so we left the Jeep and drove home. We phoned AAA, using the number on our AAA cards for roadside assistance. It didn’t work. We got a message at the beginning, but never got connected to a person. Say what??

Before deciding they were completely useless, I went online and got connected to an AAA chat bot. It gave me another number to call, and that worked a lot better. The gal on the other end looked at a map, found where the car was, and arranged for someone to meet Andy at the Jeep. There was a bit of a slip up there. The fellow they sent out ended up waiting at the wrong place, but his dispatcher eventually phoned Andy (after a long wait) to see if the fellow had arrived. Andy said no, he was still waiting. So the dispatcher said the fellow would phone Andy, “Right now!” The fellow did and Andy told him where to come. So the Jeep was towed to our local mechanic.

Andy checked it in this morning before we drove to Santa Fe for a macular degeneration appointment. No blahs for us! As I told Andy last night, as we get older and older we have more and more adventures.

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The Blahs

Do you ever get the blahs? Does good weather help? Does anything else?

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Our Second Jab

We continue to be impressed by New Mexico. We received a number of reminders this week that we were scheduled for our second Moderna shot today. The also sent us paper work to fill out and bring to the site, plus a reminder that we had to go to the website this morning to fill in the part saying we were free of symptoms.

Last time we had to wait in the car line for about ten minutes before there was a vacant spot for us, but this morning we lucked out and got a spot right away. They took our paper work, gave us our shots, and told us to wait for the fifteen minutes until someone told us it was safe for us to leave.

Here are two pictures of the car next to us being processed:

And here’s picture of the cars waiting as we left. As I said, we were lucky and timed it just right this morning.

So far so good. It’s now been about six hours since I got the shot. I felt a bit tired today and took it easy, and my arm is slightly sore. But so far so good, and it does feel good to have gotten the shot.

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This picture reminds me of a true story. When they were first going together a fellow went to the hospital to see his future wife…she had just had surgery. The nurse was happy to see him and told him when his girl friend was coming out of the anesthesia she kept calling for him, “Dexter, Dexter.” The only problem was, his name wasn’t Dexter. The nurse was upset, thinking she had just caused a big problem. But no, the fellow showed her the picture of Dexter he had in his wallet. It was of his girlfriend’s beloved rotweiller.

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They Keep Changing Things

I finally took the time to start upgrading our computers to Big Sur, the latest Mac operating system. I waited for a few months so they could catch the worst of any bugs, and I checked with Bitdefender (antivirus) and GraphicConverter (photo editor) to make sure they are still compatible. So far so good. I haven’t looked into the new features yet, and I’m guessing there are some changes I’ll like and some I won’t, but that’s the way it goes.

I keep reading about our need to stimulate our brains to keep them from deteriorating. Yeah, sure. When mine goes it won’t be because of lack of exercise, it will be because of overwork.

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