I Can No Longer Not See Them

What do you see in this logo? I saw an attractive tree until it was pointed out that the white spaces show a gorilla facing a lion. Now I have trouble not seeing them. Have you ever had an experience like that?

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Curious Donkeys

The other night Andy was looking into small electric rototillers and saw this video. I’m not interested in rototillers, but I like the video because of the donkeys.

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What a Difference!

I was fascinated by this video of driving around Los Angeles in the 1950’s and ’60’s. I’ve only been to Los Angeles a couple of times, so the landmarks mean nothing to me, but the uncrowded roads are a shocking reminder of how much traffic has changed.

How bad is traffic/congestion where you are?

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Being Wealthy

Do you consider yourself wealthy? I do. To me the ultimate wealth/luxury is being able to spend my time in a manner that’s meaningful to me. I don’t take that for granted.

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For Foolishness

I came across this envelope the other day and it warmed my heart. It’s over fifty years old, and the handwriting is Andy’s mother’s. When we were first married she sent the envelope with a crisp twenty dollar bill, and from time to time she would send a few more bills — brand new ones when she could get them. The envelope has $60 in it, so we clearly didn’t use it as she intended, but we were happy with our simple life at the time and didn’t feel the need for more things/experiences. But we honored the gift and didn’t put the money in our bank account.

So thank you, Audra. We still appreciate your gifts.

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The Canon It Is

Some of these pictures would never be taken for great photography, but we’re still grateful to have them.

Thanks, Andy, and thanks, little Canon.

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More Learning Experiences

Some learning experiences are more fun than others are. My computer (only about three years old) has been acting flaky at times lately. A couple of times it has said I had no connection to the internet even though I could tell from my modem that wasn’t true. Rebooting the computer fixed the problem.

Then last night suddenly a large number of screens labeled “desktop” popped up, and when I closed them my desktop was completely empty. Yuck! There are too many things going on right now to spend much time on it, but I do regular backups so should be able to untangle things in the future. I did poke around enough last night to see that it looks like the files and folders on my desktop haven’t disappeared, they seem to have been moved into my “Pictures” folder. Who knows how that happened?!!

Anyway, hopefully troubles don’t always come in threes. I have enough learning opportunities already without adding more to the list. 😀

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Learning All Sorts of New Things

It was a gorgeous fall day yesterday, so we had a picnic up on the land. Andy had bought a long extension cord and ran one of the fans in the greenhouse on the lowest setting. So as soon as got there we went in to check to see how hot is was. It was comfortable, not hot at all. So he shut off the fan and we immediately felt the temperature rise. There was a lot of residual heat, which bodes well for extending the growing season.

We played around with our cameras some more, understanding the pros and cons of each of them. This time we included my iPad and iPhone (internet only, Torben gave me his old iPhone 7 Plus so I could use its camera).

One of our traditions up there is to turn on the internet and have me take and send a picture to Kaitlin and some friends. I usually do it with my iPad, but this time I used this picture from my iPhone:

I tried sending it from my iPhone but it wouldn’t go, so I used AirDrop to send it to my iPad and had better luck there. I think I now know what the problem was, but it wasn’t worth spending a lot of time on it then.

Anyway, we old folks are managing to keep ourselves amused learning all sorts of new things. How is it going with you?

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Rained Out

Andy didn’t take any pictures yesterday because it was foggy and rainy, and no one came up to work on the greenhouse.

As you can see from the picture, we had a nice rain down here.

Andy said in spite of no sun and and an outside temperature of 48°F, it was still comfortably warm in the greenhouse.

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Andy did take pictures with both the Canon and Kodak yesterday. The big difference is the focal length of the Kodak is longer (5.1 mm vs 4.3 mm for the Canon). So the Kodak pictures are zoomed in a bit.







Do you prefer one set of pictures over the other?

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