Commitment and Practice

Stanford News has an interesting article, Despite COVID-19 risks, older people experience higher emotional well-being than younger adults, Stanford psychologist finds:

What makes older people more resilient to stress than younger populations?

Two factors likely account for these age advantages. The first is experience: Older people have had more years to encounter stressful and negative experiences, and they’ve had more time to learn how to cope with these experiences, as well as what works for them and what doesn’t in times of stress. Another important factor is that older people experience changes in their motivations and goals. There is considerable evidence that older people are more motivated to focus on the good in their daily lives and accept rather than dwell on what’s bad. Instead of focusing on and worrying about the future, older adults tend to prioritize goals about the here-and-now.

What do you think younger people can learn about stress and well-being from older populations?

Time becomes more and more precious as we age – the older we get, the less time we have left – and it may be beneficial to focus our time, energy and motivation on what’s meaningful and less time dwelling on the negative aspects of life. It’s important to note that this type of shift isn’t a denial or avoidance of the negative aspects – it’s more about not becoming overwhelmed by the negative and focusing more attention and energy on what brings joy and pleasure.

Amen to that. Commitment and practice is a powerful combination.

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O Frabjous Day!

It was a great day. Not only did the temperature get up into the 50s, they fixed the washing machines! The washing machines have been gradually breaking since February, and there were only a few working ones left. Needless to say, we’re relieved and happy.

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
–Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

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National Chocolate Day

I didn’t know today was National Chocolate Day until I read about it at Just Breathe.

I don’t eat chocolate very often, but I’ve had all sorts of problems with the internet lately, so I didn’t write the post I had planned to…instead I went into the kitchen and had a piece of chocolate. Tomorrow is another day.

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Good Mental Exercise?

Andy ordered some hyacinths and tulips from Breck’s last April. They sent them a couple of weeks ago for fall planting and then sent him a bill. He couldn’t pay when he ordered because they didn’t know if they would have enough… they wanted him to pay when the bulbs arrived. All right, but they didn’t give us a link to pay by credit card online. We have an account at, so I logged on to our account… they knew about the peonies we had ordered in April, but not the tulips and hyacinths.

But there was a link to Order Status in the green bar:

So I clicked on that:

I put in the account number on the bill and our zip code, and sure enough the details were there… but it still didn’t tell us how to pay online. Crazy.

On the bill here was a line in small print,


It was the weekend, but I phoned anyway, to see if I could get more information before Andy phoned on Monday. In fact, after going through the menu, we could pay with our credit card using their automated system. That was great news. The funny part was when they gave us our confirmation number. We managed to keep up with the voice but it went on and on:


We could have listened to it again and again, but we managed to get it right the first time. The world is conspiring to make us old folks exercise our brains…ours were exhausted by the time we finished!

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It’s Always a Shock…

when we suddenly go from above average temperatures to below average.

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Experiences, Not Things

I’ve been getting messages like this from Netflix:

Spend on experiences not things. Make time for rest, relaxation and some Netflix.

They always make me laugh…they do have a point.

What do you spend your money on?

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Mountain Lion

Image by Wayne Linton from Pixabay

We know about coyotes and are used to announcements about bears, but we sometimes also have warnings about mountain lions. Apparently one has been seen around the horse stables so the local paper has issued this warning:

Because this is a wildlife issue, New Mexico Game and Fish is on site today. They are evaluating the situation and will be in charge of taking appropriate action.

Until further information becomes available, residents are urged to avoid trails in this area and use caution if out on any of the surrounding trails; mountain lions can travel several miles in any direction in one day.

Be especially alert if traveling with dogs or children on trails.

People are supposed to keep their pets inside and domestic animals in barns or shelters.

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Cute Boy

That was in 2013. I wonder what he’s like now?

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Acorn Woodpeckers

Our local paper had this picture of an acorn woodpecker:

Photo by Greg Noeninckx

We know about acorn woodpeckers because four years ago one started making holes in the insulation around the insulated water pipes for the solar heating panels on the roof.

Holes in Insulation

I wrote a post about it, which included this information:

An Honorary Squirrel: The Acorn Woodpecker

The acorn woodpecker is a bird of the American southwest that has a very squirrel-like habit of storing acorns. In fact, this medium-sized woodpecker is so compulsive about stashing its nuts that it makes the eastern gray squirrel look like a slacker in comparison!

That’s right. Each autumn, a family group of acorn woodpeckers may store as many as 50,000 acorns in a single tree, called a granary tree, with each acorn placed carefully in an individual hole drilled for that nut.
The News for Squirrels

They are beautiful and fascinating creatures:

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Speaking of Waggly Tails

What about this rescue pup?

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