Poor Pup!


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First Email from the Land

I sent Kaitlin an email from the land this afternoon:

Sent from the land.

Not very long, but momentous.

We tried signing up for internet after our neighbor sent me the message Andy is FINE a month ago. At the time Dish didn’t have availablity, but they told me to keep phoning back. I did, they had an opening, and we were scheduled to go up last Sunday morning. We left here about 8:30 and were driving up when we received a call saying the installer couldn’t make it, the road he was taking was impassable because of snow.

So we rescheduled for this morning, but it got postponed a few hours, so we took off at 12:30 and got back home about 7:15 pm. That took a lot longer than we expected!

Part of the problem was the technician today didn’t have 4-wheel drive (the one last week did), so we had to park at the fire station while I waited in the Dish van and Andy drove up with the technician to get our truck. When they got back about a half hour later, the technician moved everything he needed to the back of our truck, then the three of us drove up together.


On the way back Andy drove the technician back to his van in our Jeep, then he came back for me. The technician had to wait for us at the main highway so Andy could unlock the Forest Service gate and let us all out. More complicated than some installations, I imagine.

It also took longer than we expected to install the satellite dish and modem.



Andy had tried to plan ahead and ran wiring for internet in the walls when we had the house built. Unfortunately it was a single wire, and for some reason Dish needs two wires, so we had to drill a hole in the wall after all. The original outlet was inconspicuous, the new one isn’t. The technician would have put it close to the floor, where it would have been less noticeable, but Andy wanted it safely above any snow drifts on the porch.




Once I moved some furniture back, it doesn’t look that bad in the study, so if it works we won’t complain.

We were impressed with the technician. He was friendly and professional to the end, even though it was clearly a long day for him. He had made two calls before ours, the first in Albuquerque, about a hundred miles away!

Fingers crossed that it keeps working. Texting using our cellphones doesn’t always work up there, and we do want a reliable way for him to reach me if anything goes wrong.


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We’re Not the Only Ones

You may recall last October it cost us $920 to have to have the truck towed and repaired after rats chewed on the wiring. We’re not the only one with problems like that.

Recently the fellows at the ski hill tried starting one of the lifts in preparation for skiing this weekend. No luck, the lift wouldn’t start. It turns out a pack rat had climbed up the top tower and chewed through all of the safety wires. It took a major repair to get the lift working again.

Do you know of any problems like that where you are?


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us passports

Our old passports expired in April, so on January 19th we sent in our applications for new ones. Surprisingly enough Andy received his new one Wednesday, two weeks and a day later. Mine came yesterday, two weeks and two days later. We told them we had no immediate plans for travel, so we expected it would take months to get the new ones. Quelle surprise.

Our passports are good for ten years. Do you have one? If it’s from another country, how long is it good for?


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New Technology


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Andy and I don’t use whale oil for our lamps, but we did have to practice phoning one another on our fliptop cell phones the other night. We wanted to be sure we knew how to answer if someone phoned us — somehow having to push “Send” didn’t seem intuitive. Anyway, we know how to do it now even though Rat and Pig would scoff at us too.


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Andy did need chains for part of the way yesterday, and he did need to plow.





He spent another couple of hours today plowing another road in. So far we’ve been lucky with the snow for an el Niño year. Fingers crossed.


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Groundhog Day


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Happy Groundhog Day?


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No Call of the Wild Here


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We’re pretty spoiled here, too. It snowed last night, about 3-4″ here, but apparently more in other parts of town. A lot of activities were canceled, and the national lab and the schools closed after a couple of hours this morning. Apparently accidents on the slick roads also closed some main roads for a while.

Andy didn’t go up to the land, but he did drive up on the main highway to see how much snow the dirt roads had — between 8″ and a foot. They hadn’t been plowed, but there were some tire tracks, so he’ll go up at the regular time tomorrow, put chains on, and see if he can drive all the way up to the house. We will let you know!


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Star Light, Star Bright


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I smiled at this cartoon. I haven’t said “Star light, star bright….” in years, but it brought back happy memories. Did you ever say it and make a wish?


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How do you feel about winter? I still remember a coworker’s comment when we were working in Ithaca, NY:

Every year I dread winter more and more.

As I recall, winter was about six months long there, and the sun came out about once a month during that time. We lived on the edge of the Cornell campus, and we walked the half mile to where we worked. It wasn’t unusual for the low temperature to get down to about -10°F to -20°F in February, so we bundled up before we went out. At the time I thought it was adventuresome, but that was almost 50 years ago, and I’m glad I don’t have to do it now! No, I do love the winters here and will never take them for granted.

How do you feel about winter?


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