We Can Relate to That

Andy and I can relate to that. (I’m the one searching, Andy doesn’t need glasses for distance.)

Do you have any physical problems you have to work around?


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Gold-Star Kid

The world could use a lot more people like these.


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It’s Not Just the Drones

It’s not just drones that ruin the experience of nature.

The pastime of rope-swinging from a towering red-rock arch in Utah could be banned within weeks, as government officials weigh the objections of hikers and environmentalists against the wishes of a hard core of thrill-seekers.

Shrieks of excitement regularly fill a remote canyon near the town of Moab, as adventurers fling themselves off the top of the 140ft Corona Arch and swing in a breathtaking pendulum.

But after one death, at least two serious injuries and a rapid increase in numbers flocking to take part, after online videos spread the word, the sandstone-swingers’ days may be numbered.
The Guardian

Not being a thrill-seeker myself, I would vote for peace and quiet.


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To stop bullying we need fewer guns and more kids like this.


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How Clever of Us

We sure picked a good day 50 years ago, didn’t we, Jean?
—Andy on our 50th-wedding-anniversary picnic last night

We certainly did. It was a glorious afternoon/evening. The air was clean and fresh after the recent rains, the temperature was ideal, and the sky was clear except for a few fluffy white clouds. How clever we had been. Yay, us! :D

Do you ever enjoy being silly?


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Only in America

The Bullets and Burgers Adventure is a private outdoor range set in a stunning outdoor desert landscape. We separate ourselves from all other Las Vegas ranges with our unique ‘Desert Storm’ atmosphere and military style bunkers….

Our guests have the opportunity to fire a wide range of fully automatic machine guns and specialty weapons. You will choose the guns which you want to shoot from our extensive collection and we provide the eye/ear protection, ammunition, and expert guidance.
Bullets and Burgers

Apparently it’s a top-rated tourist attraction in the Las Vegas area. It’s the place where a nine-year-old girl lost control of an Uzi submachine gun when it recoiled and killed the instructor. The incident happened Monday, but it didn’t dissuade all parents. Here’s a review of the place posted yesterday.

This is a great place for young children to learn to fire Uzis. With this kind of training, kids will never have to worry about bullying in school.
—Review on Trip Advisor, August 27, 2014

Why does that make me feel uncomfortable?


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Poor Floors

Torben made another video:

Montana doesn’t need toys as long as she has her tail to chase!

I especially liked the sentiment at the end:

AntiAnxiety meds for Sam….$35.00
Refurbishing floors…..$2500.00
Having a dog like Montana….Priceless

Thanks again, Torben!


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Yesterday a couple of ravens flew overhead and squawked at Andy. The rat zapper has killed one or two rats since I last wrote about them, and the ravens got them within a half hour of him putting them out.

New score:
Greenhouse: 4
Truck: at least 10

It just goes to show, never expect gratitude. Don’t be surprised when you just set up unrealistic expectations and are condemned when you can’t meet them.

Has that ever happened to you? Do you think it’s ever happened to the U.S.?

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For the Sheer Joy of It

Critic: Why do you waste your time making such garbage? :x

Do you ever do something for the sheer joy of it? Even if you’re not very good at it and may never be?


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Update on tammy

Captain Fritter, the fellow who helps tammy with her website, posted this at peanut on the table.

She’s Doing More Better

Sent Tammy an email to check on her knowing full well she would be peeking. Sure enough, she answered.

Says she is doing ok and misses everyone. Seeing the cardiologist next week and go from there. Her arm still hurts and the heat is bothering her. But she sounds good.

I know comments are down and you are all concerned. I’ll update until she returns.

Capt. Fritter

For those of you who don’t know the story, tammy dislocated a shoulder and tore a rotator cuff on July 9th. They have to repair the cuff before they can relocate the shoulder, otherwise they may do more damage. And they can’t do the surgery until they get her blood pressure down to reasonable levels.

In the meantime her heart went into major arterial fibrillation and she spent two days in intensive coronary care. When she was released she was told she needed complete rest — no internet, reading the news, etc. So thank you, Captain! We are indeed concerned and grateful for the update.


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