More April Showers

The interesting thing is a lot of the precipitation we received last winter was rain, not snow. This month it’s been the opposite. We’re grateful for any precipitation we get, whatever form it takes!

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Trip to the Land

We did go up to the land Wednesday afternoon, and the first thing we did was look for the yellow stake. Andy could see it with his naked eyes but to him it looked white, not yellow. As predicted, I needed the binoculars and for me the light was just right. Wow! The yellow did stand out.

I took a picture of it using the zoom on my camera and could clearly see it. Unfortunately I had to lower the resolution to put it here on the web.

It shows up better in the cropped picture.

After we ate we went down to see the daffodils that Torben gave Andy a couple of years ago. They’re in full bloom and were spectacular. Unfortunately it was starting to get dark so the camera didn’t do them justice.

We came back a different way — one that no one had taken in the past few days — so there was a tree across the road. No problem. Andy never goes up there without a chain saw.

It was a fun, eventful evening.


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Change of Plans

We had planned to go up to the land for a picnic supper after we mailed our tax protests Tuesday afternoon. But after looking at Andy’s pictures, we decided to wait a day.

It was pretty up there (except for our sad shed and dead trees), but cold and windy. It made more sense to wait.

I’ll let you know how it turned out.

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Baby Kangaroo

How heartwarming!


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He Didn’t Do It This Way

Andy pulled out the old stump Sunday so he can plant a new redwood there. But he didn’t do it this way:

(If you’re in a hurry skip to the last 10 seconds or so.)


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Conversation With Kaitlin

Kaitlin, Torben and the pups went to visit Torben’s folks in Ann Arbor this weekend. Their Whistler app notified me when the pups were back in their home zone, so I wrote to Kaitlin:

Me: You’re home!

Kaitlin: Yay!!! Yes we are :D.

The Boo is lounging outside. We are doing some puttering watering and yard work. Who knows what the girl is up to.

Me: 😀 Tempi is no end of entertainment.

Kaitlin: Oh you have no idea. When we called Kate to let her know we were home she said, “Do not worry about the damage. We love her.”

Tempi spent the afternoon sending sorry presents…

I’m looking forward to Tempi’s post telling her side of the story.


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Poor Old Redwood Tree

September 20, 2009

April 22, 2017

Some wood gathers harvested the top of the tree sometime after the 2011 fire.


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Poor Little Redwood Tree

June 16, 2013

April 18, 2017

It looks grim, doesn’t it? Andy is going to order another one, and in the process he read this:

Water your trees!

These trees originated at a time when the earth was warmer and wetter than it is today. Once the soil surrounding the roots of the giant sequoias totally dries out these trees are dead. They are not at all forgiving to those who forget to water, like most landscape trees are….

For the best results continue to irrigate your trees for their entire lifetime (about 3000 years). If this isn’t possible, ask someone to water them in your absence or put in an automatic irrigation system. Remember that water is critical!
Giant Sequoias in the Landscape Garden

Andy has been giving it plenty of water, but he has been watering more deeply and less frequently. That’s a good strategy for most trees — it encourages deep roots — but maybe it’s not the best thing for redwoods?

Before the fire he did manage to grow a tall one:


We’re guessing he won’t have even 20 years to grow another one that tall. Let alone 3000!


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Onwards and Upwards

You have to be like a bumper car. And you hit the wall and you back up and you go a different way and you go at the wall again. The only thing I know is not to give up. I don’t know how to not give up.

I partially agree with Cher, but I would add don’t just blindly keep trying things. As you try things be aware of what you’re doing and how the system reacts. Once you get a feeling for the situation start thinking of experiments you can try to get more information.

I tried that with MailChimp and gathered a lot of data to share with their technical support, and I also tried googling to see if anyone else had experienced my problem. Those approaches often help, but no luck this time.

So I tried something different. I tested MailChimp on one of my test WordPress sites and it worked perfectly. Once I saw that I was almost there. I just looked to see how my settings and plugins differed between the two sites, found the troublesome plugin and disabled it. So I no longer have to send out notices of each new post, MailChimp does it automatically.

It feels great to have that off my list. Now Andy and I are working on our report for the Sandoval County Assessor. Onwards and upwards.


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It Helped

Andy did paint the stake yellow, and it is easier to see in the afternoon. (The color gets washed out in the high sun at noon.)

As you can see from this picture of the house taken from just in front of the stake, it is a fair distance.

Andy doesn’t need binoculars to see the stake from our porch, but I’m betting I’ll need them. We’ll see in a week or so when when go up for a picnic dinner.


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