A Change of Plans


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No Lassie Here

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Enjoy the Small Things

This 2004 post at The Thundering Herd brought tears to my eyes.

Hu-Dad had taken two of the pups for a walk and was hurrying back because he was going to be late for dinner with his parents. But Nikita, one of the pups, saw a small patch of snow by the side of the road and wanted to stop to play in it. Hu-Dad at first said no, but she insisted.

Suddenly it hit me. My old girl, already 11 years old, was getting frailer. Would she make it to the next winter? Would she ever see snow again? And all she wanted, all she asked, is that we stop for 10 minutes and play in this little patch of snow. So I relented. Her arthritis was forgotten and she dove in. I tossed snowballs for her to catch and she and Natasha wrestled in the snow. After a few minutes, her outer guard hairs wet, Nikita was done and ready to head on down the road….

In return for being a little late, I got to see my old girl be a puppy, if only for a few minutes. I got to wrestle in the small little patch of snow with her. I have a memory that I will never forget. And I made her really, really happy.

Thank you Nikita for all you gave me, but most importantly, for helping me to remember to enjoy the small things while you can.

Thank you, Hu-Dad.


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Spiritual But Not Religious

The Atlantic recently had an interesting article entitled What It Means to Be Spiritual But Not Religious.

Approximately sixty-four million Americans—one in five—identify as “spiritual but not religious,” or SBNR. They, like Beare, reject organized religion but maintain a belief in something larger than themselves. That “something” can range from Jesus to art, music, and poetry. There is often yoga involved.

For Pablo Casals it would be music:

For the past eighty years, I have started each day in the same manner. It is not a mechanical routine but something essential to my daily life. I go to the piano, and I play two preludes and fugues of Bach. I cannot think of doing otherwise. It is a sort of benediction on the house. But that is not its only meaning for me. It is a rediscovery of the world of which I have the joy of being a part. It fills me with awareness of the wonder of life, with a feeling of the incredible marvel of being a human being.

Do you have something like that in your life?


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Making Plans

Our plans don’t always turn out the way we would like, but that’s no reason to stop making them. One way or another they teach us a lot.


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Crazy Weather

We’ve been hearing a lot about the wind, cold and snow in parts of the U.S. — here in the Southwest we have the opposite problem. Kaitlin sent me this link about an outdoor fire ban in Angel Fire, in the northern part of the state.

Beginning January 10, 2018 at 7 A.M., outside fires and open burning will be prohibited.

This prohibition is due to the lack of precipitation, high winds, and the continued drying out of fuels throughout the Village of Angel Fire.

And Andy has ordered a log rack to hold his fire wood so he can get it off our porch and away from the house.

We’ve been enjoying the sunshine, but life is seldom perfect. Sooner or later the land will have another fire.


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Unintended Consequence


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Passive Aggressive?

Last month I read the word “Whatever” was one of the most annoying words of 2017. I think sometimes it’s an appropriate response. What do you think?


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Outdated Concept?

How do you explain “counterclockwise” to a child with a digital watch?

That’s a great question! We have a lot of clocks in the apartment, but none of them are analog.

So what would we say instead? A variation of righty tighty, lefty loosey comes to mind.


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If you were the patient, would you make the same assumption?


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