Fingers Crossed



Originally Orlando wasn’t going to work on the roads until next week, but there has been a change of plans. They brought the bobcat, front loader, and jackhammer up yesterday afternoon, so Andy will get up at 5 this morning to meet Orlando up there at 7. Hopefully Andy will bring back some pictures.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the jackhammer will work on the rocks, and that we won’t get rained out. As usual, different forecasters are predicting different things.


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New Loveseat II

We took eleven swatches up to the land yesterday afternoon, and we quickly pared them down to two colors: chestnut on the left in the pictures, tan on the right.





The colors won’t be quite right in the pictures because of color management in the camera and computer monitors, not to mention that colors can vary a lot depending on the light. And, of course, the manufacturer warns us that the leather we get won’t be the same as the sample:

Color of this swatch is approximate.

Natural markings should be expected and appreciated. It is not always possible to assure consistency of colors or grain texture.

They can’t even guarantee that all parts of the loveseat will be exactly the same color.

That said, we chose chestnut, the warm brown on the left, because it seems more harmonious with the rest of the room. It will be interesting to see what we end up with. Andy plans to order it this morning, so in the fullness of time….

We will let you know!


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New Loveseat

We’re about to order a loveseat for Andy — the style should be something like the picture below. Our local store says they can deliver it, either when it comes (the best guess is sometime in November) or next spring, if there’s too much snow this year.


The color will be different from the photo, of course. We borrowed a number of swatches from the store and will go up this afternoon to see how they look in the living room. We’ll make our best guess and keep our fingers crossed.

The adventure continues.


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Human Nature?

Human nature? For some people at least?


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Poor Lions

If humans have rights, what are their responsibilities? If a lion has the right not to be hunted to death, does it also have the responsibility not to eat me? Frankly, I don’t trust the lion to keep his half of the deal.
—Adam Roberts, New Scientist

Roberts is a smart man. A lot of people were outraged about Cecil, the lion who was lured out of Hwange National Park and killed for a trophy hunter — after being wounded and stalked for two days. But how many people have heard of Quinn Swales and Nxaha? Swales was a guide leading a walking tour in the park, following tracks to a pride of lions. When they got there Nxaha, an adult male, fatally attacked him.

Apparently Nxaha had showed aggressive behavior in the past, and Zimbabwe’s National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority will investigate and decide his future. It’s hard to believe they won’t put him down because tourism is so important to Zimbabwe’s economy, and it provides the money for conservation efforts.

The attack has not affected the popularity of walking tours through Zimbabwe’s wildlife parks, a safari operator said.

“It’s a safe experience and a great experience too. It’s not as if these attacks happen daily,” said Trevor Lane, a member of the Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe. “It was an accident and we are still recording huge interest from tourists. It’s popular and will remain so.”

But tourists must be warned of the potential risks of guided walks, said police spokeswoman Charity Charamba.

“Tracking these animals on foot on their habitat may seem fun but it is dangerous, very dangerous,” she said, adding that villagers living near parks were also attacked by wild animals.

“People should never forget that these are wild animals,” she said.
U.S. News

It reminds me of tourists in Yellowstone being gored by bison. Some animals don’t like being pestered, and it’s the humans who have to behave responsibly.


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Money or Wisdom

A man who finds a bottle on a beach. He uncorks it and out comes a genie who offers the man a choice between a colossal amount of money or infinite wisdom. The man thinks hard for a few minutes and then chooses infinite wisdom. Days later several friends of the man see him sitting on a park bench shaking his head and talking to himself. Knowing he now has infinite wisdom they move in closer to hear what he is saying. Over and over they hear him repeat: “I should have taken the money, I should have taken the money.”

Which one would you choose? If money, what would you do with it?


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Another Neat Evening

We went up to the land for another picnic supper yesterday afternoon/evening. We got up there around 5 and decided to walk down to the “orchard” area to see the trees before we ate. We walked down the path through the greenhouse area, which is lush after all the rain we had this season:


Walk Down to the Orchard

It was sunny and warm when we started out, but it was starting to cloud over by the time we got down to the orchard. Here we are in front of a Gravenstein apple tree Andy planted. It’s already a lot taller than we are, but it’s not very full.


8-28-15-Jean-and Gravenstein

Here’s a picture of Andy by the cherry tree. It’s not as tall, but quite full, and we’re hoping to get a cherry crop next year.


The sky was starting to look threatening by the time we left the trees, but we decided to walk over to say hi to Beate and Tim before we walked back up. We didn’t stay long because we started to hear thunder, and sure enough we got drenched in rain and hail before we got back to the house. We weren’t about to complain — at least we didn’t get hit by the lightning. It was cloud-to-cloud, but the thunder was loud enough to encourage us to walk fast!

It all stopped right after we got back to the house, of course, so we ate and were getting ready to leave when Beate and Tim arrived with a backpack full of dry clothes. How sweet was that! I was touched. As I’ve said before, we’re lucky to have them as neighbors.


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Polo Shirts and Khakis

On the subject of clothing styles — some people might have disapproved when three Americans wore polo shirts and khakis (see picture) when they received the French Legion of Honor. But not the Washington Post Style Blog: Polo shirts and khakis were just the right thing for three U.S. heroes to wear in Paris:

It is rare when a polo shirt and a pair of khakis make such a graceful statement about style. But as worn by the three young American men who foiled an alleged terrorist attack, the informal uniform of vacationers and Friday businessmen never looked more elegant.

It makes me proud to be an American.


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My Style

My style is “dress for the job you want,” and the job I want is unemployed independently wealthy eccentric recluse.
Maura Quint

That’s me!

“Unemployed independently wealthy,” of course, just means being retired and having enough to live on. Not all retirees would call themselves eccentric recluses, but I have a fair amount of that too. Yay, retirement!

What’s your style?


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Smokey Haze

The skies have been hazy with smoke lately —not from wildfires here in New Mexico, but from the fires in California and the Northwest.

August 23, 2015

August 23, 2015

As you can see from the following two pictures, the mountains have disappeared.

August 23, 2015

August 23, 2015

December, 2011

December, 2011

The fires and haze are sad, but we do like the renewed vegetation!


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