Speaking of Play

Who would have guessed? Apparently crocodiles play too. In rare cases they even bond and play with humans:

The croc would swim with his human friend, try to startle him by suddenly pretending to attack him or by sneaking up on him from behind, and accept being caressed, hugged, rotated in the water and kissed on the snout.

In this case the human had rescued the crocodile after it had been shot in the head. They played together every day until the crocodile died 20 years later. Crocodiles have also been observed playing with objects, surfing, giving one another piggyback rides, etc. Yay, crocodiles!


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Yay, Play!

Play is essential for health. In this sense, play is defined as any activity which tends to produce the emotions of joy or the experience we call having fun. So each person must define play for himself. Our energy and our will to live are increased by play. Play improves the quality of life and makes it richer. It lifts us out of despair and increases our wish to live. It increases the energy needed to mobilize the will to live as well.
— O. Carl Simonton, M.D.

How do you like to play? This past week mine has been mostly watching Frasier, but my energy is starting to come back, so I’m hoping to start being a bit more active.

I have a lot of housework to do, and my first priority is to figure out a way of enjoying the process. Wish me luck! The apartment is still a shambles. I keep thinking of tammy, who would never ever have this problem! Hopefully someday a little bit of her minimalism will rub off on me.


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Tired but Happy

The new windows are in! We got up at 7 this morning just in case they came at 8, and they didn’t finish until about 5:30. I’m still fighting the shingles, but I took two naps in the car, so it worked. Now we’re off to bed with smiles on our faces — or at least on mine. It’s nice to have that part over with.


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Exquisite Timing?


Guess what I did this weekend, besides taking naps and watching Frasier.


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Head for the Hills

When former Secretary of State James A. Baker III accused Israel’s leader this week of undermining the chances of peace in the region, he said nothing more than the kinds of things he had said at times when he was in office a quarter-century ago.

But the instant backlash from fellow Republicans that prompted Jeb Bush, the son of Mr. Baker’s best friend, to distance himself underscored just how much their party has changed on the issue of Israel. Where past Republican leaders had their disagreements with Israel, today’s Republicans have made support for the Jewish state an inviolable litmus test for anyone aspiring to national office.

“If you’re a Republican and you hedge on your support on Israel, it’s viewed as having a flawed foreign policy,” said Ron Bonjean, a party strategist who has worked for Republican leaders in Congress. “It’s a requirement for Republicans these days to be very strong on Israel if they’re going to be taken seriously by primary voters.” Any deviation on that, he said, leads to inevitable questions: “If you’re not supporting Israel, then who are you supporting? Are you supporting Iran?”
—New York Times, For G.O.P., Support for Israel Becomes New Litmus Test

If that’s really true I think we should head for the hills. Haven’t we done enough damage in the Middle East already? What do you think?


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Life is Tough

Life is tough up there in the winter. Our neighbors have been planting a lot of small trees on their property. Of the 49 Andy looked at yesterday, thirteen were untouched:



Sixteen were nibbled:





Six were partly girdled:

Partly girdled

Partly girdled

Partly girdled

Partly girdled

Partly girdled expanded

Partly girdled expanded

And fourteen were completely girdled:

Completely girdled

Completely girdled

Nature isn’t always kind.


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Rummuser just had a post about cell phones. It reminds me of the father who had lost his phone once again. The family was looking high and low for it when the four-year-old said,

They should make a phone that sticks on the wall. Then you could always find it.

That works for us. We’ve had ours for almost 40 years now, and we haven’t lost it once.



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Yay, Andy!

While I was busy sleeping yesterday, Andy was doing great things. He tied the Jeep to a tree so the truck would move, not the Jeep.




Then he used the winch to pull the truck out of the ditch.





Yay, Andy!


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Surprise “Vacation”

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather the past couple of days, and have had pains in my left eye and on the left side of my head. Very unusual. Yesterday morning the eye was swollen half shut, so it was time to get some advice. I phoned the eye doctor’s to see if I should go there or to my regular doctor, and they gave me an appointment for that afternoon.

I expected it would be an infection and the doctor would prescribe eye drops. Instead my timing was great — she said it was clearly shingles, of all things. If I had come in any earlier she wouldn’t have been able to tell.

Anyway, I’m taking an anti-viral to keep it from replicating plus artificial tears and an antibiotic eye ointment to prevent secondary infections. So far I haven’t needed any pain medication, but it’s still early. Andy and I both had the shingles vaccine, so that should help a lot. All I can do now is take the medicine, drink plenty of fluids, and get plenty of sleep to help my body fight the virus that is already there.

I may not be writing every day, depending on how I feel, but will let you know how it turns out. I do have a supply of light-hearted TV episodes (especially Frasier) to watch. As we all know, laughter is a great medicine too!


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Honoring Differences

When I was doing some spring cleaning yesterday (not because it’s spring but because it was suddenly a lot more appealing than working on the income tax), I came across this quote by Gracie Allen, of all people,

Each of us has been put on earth with the ability to do something well. We cheat ourselves and the world if we don’t use it.

I don’t know about cheating the world, but I would have cheated myself if I hadn’t developed some of my deepest interests and talents. That’s why part of my motto is

Find what you love to do and find a way to share it with others.

Then I read this quote by Barbara de Angelis in Grannymar’s recent Sunday One Liners,

No matter what age you are, or what your circumstances might be, you are special, and you still have something unique to offer. Your life, because of who you are, has meaning.

I have trouble with the word “special”, because it usually means better and greater rather than just different, but I do like the part about having something unique to offer and the idea of we’re all worthy of respect.

I was intrigued by Schmidleysscribbling’s comment about the quote,

Here’s to special. And here’s to togetherness. Always in conflict they are.

Do you agree with that comment? Do you think it has to be? Certainly a lot of people can’t tolerate people who are different than themselves — they think in terms of better and worse rather than different. Do you think that necessarily means conflict? It seems to me the best course of action, assuming one isn’t stuck, is to move on to find kindred spirits elsewhere. What do you think?


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