We had some rain and hail yesterday!

How cool is that!

Andy said they didn’t get as much precipitation up on the land as we did down here. It was more cold and windy, which means he had a couple of trees to clear from the road.

Needless to say, he hasn’t had to plow.


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Hurray for Paper Ballots!

From Florida to California, the nation’s flirtation with electronic voting is on the rocks. More and more states and counties are reverting to paper ballots fed through optical scanners because of problems — some real, some perceived — with machines that didn’t offer the level of security and transparency voters demand.

New Mexico began the about-face in 2006, after a 2004 presidential election in which nearly 20,000 ballots could not be counted. President Bush won the state by 5,988 votes.
—-Get out your pencils: Paper ballots make a return

Good for New Mexico! As I’ve written before, I love voting here. They allow early voting, so in my town, at least, there is essentially no waiting in line. You go to the voting place of your choice, tell them your name, sign a signature pad and get your ballot.

You take your ballot to one of the privacy areas and mark it with a pencil.

Then you feed your ballot into the ballot counter and you’re done.

There is no electronic voting machine to be hacked, and if there is any doubt there is a paper trail that can be checked.

What is it like to vote where you are?


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Handling Rough Patches
Click on picture for higher resolution.

What do you do to lift your spirits when you hit rough patches? KB goes outdoors with Shyla, and sometimes R.


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Yesterday’s comic about dogs and dropped food reminds me of a pup that warmed my heart.

Wilf the Pon Discovers France, used with permission.

Wilf was a 11-year-old pup and was blind, diabetic, arthritic, and dying of cancer, but he kept soldiering on. Sometimes on a walk he would get tired, roll over on his back, and fall asleep. Angus would gently carry him back home. Wilf never complained and continued to enjoy the little pleasures in life, especially his food.

Two months before he died Angus was watching a rugby match and his team lost:

Scotland lose to Italy in the rugby. Losing is bad enough but losing to Italy!… At one moment of great emotion Angus knocks over his beer and Pringles. Wilf wakes from a deep sleep, hurtles across the floor, locates the Pringles, and then quickly swallows four of them. Faster than a speeding bullet. Angus is impressed. If only the Scottish rugby team were half as quick. Wilf has now added sour cream and onion Pringles to his list of absolute favourites. They’re right up at the top of the list alongside coconut ice cream, Jaffa Cakes and mustard.

Wilf spends the rest of his day hoping that more Pringles will fall onto the floor. He waits patiently for another miracle.
Top of the List

Wilf may have been blind, but his hearing and sense of smell still worked just fine.


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It Helps to Have Friends

This comic reminds me of sweet old Sammy.

Sammy has lost his hearing, too, but he has Tempi to show him what is going on. In fact, Kaitlin and Torben got her so soon after Montana died because he was confused and lost without her.

Tempi helps not only by being there for him to watch — as she wrote in her post Allies, when they were staying up on the land last December she actively helped him get back into the house when the bipeds didn’t hear his bark for help. The door on the east was open for them to go in and out at will, but they had walked over to the west porch, which was hard on Sammy’s sensitive feet, and he wanted someone to open the west door for him. When no one replied Tempi stood up on her hind feet in front of the kitchen window, looked in and tapped until she got Kaitlin’s attention.

She explains in her post that Sammy had done her a big favor shortly before, at Christmas, so their friendship isn’t one-sided. They have one another’s back. It helps to have friends!


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How True!


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A friend of mine was criticized for her “endless LOLs” and considered breaking herself of the habit. Fortunately she reconsidered.

So what does LOL mean? How is it used? According to Wikipedia, it was first used as an initialization for “little old lady” (that’s me!) Then it meant “laughing out loud” and even “lots of luck” or “lots of love”. But now it isn’t used so much as a reaction to something hilarious but more as a way to lighten the conversation.

And that’s a lot closer to the way my friend uses it. She uses it to convey lightheartedness and joy. When she uses it she reminds me of Snoopy dancing with exuberance. And we all know what Snoopy would do if Lucy told him he was acting like a buffoon:

So this LOL (Little Old Lady) says to you all (critics included), Lots of Luck and Lots of Love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Keep dancing.


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Computer Backups

I automatically back up my computer using Apple Time Capsule, but a couple of times the backup became corrupted and I lost everything and had to start from scratch. So from time to time I back up to other external hard drives. I’ve only been doing that every month or so, but probably should do it more often because of my photos.

I used to back up my posts from time to time, but now I pay $5 a month to have Sucuri do it for me. Since I post every day, it’s well worth it for my peace of mind.

How often, if at all, do you back up your data?


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Once Again

Once again, DPLDT.


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What a Difference!

It’s been mostly sunny and dry here the past few months, so I keep forgetting that it’s supposed to be winter. That’s not the case with Kaitlin, Torben and the pups.

Kaitlin wrote that it has been a hard two weeks for the pups.

A few mornings where absolute was less than zero-bad for paws (although we did walk to the neighbor’s and back for Sammy), and many days where temps were in single digits/wind chill at or below zero.

And she has been doing a lot of shoveling. Fingers crossed it eases up for them!


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