Desire and Hunger

I laughed when I read this comic, probably because I like Duncan, the dog. Does anyone else think it’s funny?

What about this cartoon?

I can easily understand why they might choose to talk with the dog rather than with his human servant — I thought that part was funny. But I don’t understand the reference to extermination. Can anyone explain?


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Rescuing Wild Animals

Click on picture for higher resolution.

Do you agree with Koko, that Steve should have tried to rescue the gazelle? Do you think he would have felt the same if the predator had been a wolf instead of a lion?


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ambulance chaser
plural noun: ambulance chasers

a lawyer who specializes in bringing cases seeking damages for personal injury.

late 19th century: from the reputation gained by certain lawyers for attending accidents and encouraging victims to sue.

But lawyers don’t just look for people who have suffered misfortune. Some, for example,, advertise their help if you win a jackpot.

In fairness, this Forbes article suggests winners should hire a lawyer as well as an accountant and a financial advisor before they claim their money. But Andy and I don’t have to worry, it’s been a long time since we’ve bought a ticket.

Do you ever buy lottery tickets?


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Skip This Post…

Skip this post if you’re not a dog lover, or if you are and aren’t ready for a good cry. John Pointer had to put Benny, his beloved dog, to sleep and wrote this cathartic Facebook piece from Benny’s perspective. I’ll never forget the phrase, “Don’t worry, buddy. I gotcha covered.” It goes straight to my heart.


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Click on picture for higher resolution.

Unlike Earl we took thousands of slides and print pictures in the past, but we do love digital cameras. It means so much to be able to see the pictures right away, and it’s also so much easier to organize them. Are you a picture taker too?

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More Not-So-Nice Nature

Here’s a story of a woman who was stalked for 12 hours by a starving wolf when she was gathering mushrooms with her dog in the wilderness. She had left her gun at home and says she finally got free when a mother bear attacked the wolf.

Some people wonder about the bear part of the story, but she was clearly dehydrated and covered with dead mosquitoes and their blood. The biggest disappointment when she met the rescue party was they had no mosquito repellent.

She said her big mistake was going into the wilderness without a gun — and presumably without enough mosquito repellent? I cheerfully admit, I’m a city slicker and love the fact we have almost no mosquitoes here. The story reminds me of the Cheerful Cherub:

God made the star-hung skies for us,
And singing trees and hills and lakes.
Of course He made mosquitoes too–-
But everybody makes mistakes.

Have you ever had problems with mosquitoes or wild animals?


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This comic is a powerful way of saying nature isn’t always as idyllic as we would like.

It’s especially relevant in light of the little boy who was attacked and drowned by an alligator at a Disney resort in Florida. He was wading in only a few inches of water, but it was at dusk, a prime hunting time for alligators. Apparently Floridians have been raised to know the dangers, but if you’re from Nebraska and are in a Disney resort….

Disney is now going to warn visitors about alligators.


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Adrian Raeside scored on this one. I burst out laughing as it brought back a flood of memories.

Have you had much experience with contractors? In fairness to them, they do have serious scheduling problems at times, but it would be nice if they could warn their clients when they won’t show up as promised.


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Chasing Birds

This baby elephant chasing birds…

reminds me of Montana barking at the ravens.

They’ll be coming to visit in a couple of weeks, and we’re looking forward to it. 🙂


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