With all the depressing news nowadays, it’s refreshing to read some heart-warming stories.

The first is about a lost narwhale adopted by a pod of Beluga whales. (Read the article for details.)

The second is Goodbye Miss Kiska, Hu-dad’s tribute to Kiska at The Thundering Herd. Here is one excerpt from the post:

Dad was meeting Siberians in various rescues trying to decide who would come home to join Natasha and Rusty and form our threesome …. So many beautiful Siberian Huskies to choose from, but one ragged, scared, shy girl kept peeking out at us. The person running the rescue said, “Sometimes, you don’t get the dog you want. Sometimes, you get the dog you need.” And so Waverly came home with us, renamed Kiska (Russian for pure).

Miss Kiska had learned in her early life that humans were not to be trusted. The rescue had helped her so much, but she found herself in a strange place with strange people, unsure whether they were good. She resisted being touched and preferred to hide. Hu-Dad took to sitting on the deck with her, reading a book, and waiting for her to make the first move. Over the coming days, she would approach and sniff, before running and hiding. Each time she would get closer until the day when Hu-Dad felt the tip of her nose on the back of his neck. He sat still, waiting, hoping, while she investigated. After a long period of time, she rested her head on his shoulder while he read aloud to her. She had found her permanent home, the one that would keep her safe.

Is it any wonder that one of the first things I do every day is to check this site? Occasionally the post is sad, but it’s always heartwarming.


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Wasting Time or Moodling?

Rummuser’s post about wasting time reminds me of Are You Spending Enough Time “Doing Nothing?”, which I posted in December 2007.

Here is a picture and some quotes from the post.

So you see, imagination needs moodling — long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering.
–Brenda Ueland

All of man’s troubles come from his inability to sit alone, quietly, in a room, for any length of time.
–Blaise Paschal

To be idle requires a strong sense of personal identity.
–Robert Louis Stevenson

Find your creative/thinking time. Defend it ruthlessly, spend it alone….
—Randy Pausch

It’s now over 10 years later, and I still believe in moodling. What about you?


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Hurray for 83-Year-Olds!

The video in this article is even better — it shows the scene from two survelliance cameras: Armed Robbers Take Over A Store, Underestimate The 83-Year-Old Man In The Room.

My 83-year-old wrestles with fallen trees rather than robbers, but he’s awesome too!


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Money and Politics

In a recent comment, Rummuser wrote:

One way or the other money must get spent and when someone spends he treats it like an investment for future returns. One needs to find out what those returns are and for whom? If that transparency can come in into our political lives, we can become idealistic again. Otherwise, I maintain that all democracies in the world are nothing but plutocracies veiled.

Rat has an easier solution.


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Immersive Mixed Reality

The Weather Chanel is experimenting with a technology called immersive mixed reality to get peoples’ attention and warn them of the dangers of hurricanes and flooding from storms:

It’s scary, but it could save lives.


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An Encouraging Use of Social Media

Using documentary-style storytelling, which can last for several minutes, candidates have found a successful alternative to the traditional model of raising huge sums of money that get spent on expensive, 30-second television commercials.

The videos are chiefly intended as ads, but they also served a fund-raising purpose. For a fraction of the cost, these videos can help to spread a candidate’s story in a way that is easily shareable and can inspire donations.
Viral Videos Are Replacing Pricey Political Ads. They’re Cheaper, and They Work.

It would be great if political candidates didn’t need huge sums of money to run for office. Fingers crossed.


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People miscommunicate all the time, but we continue to assume other people will understand what we’re trying to say. It can have tragic consequences sometimes, but it’s also a great source of humor. This video of Jeanne Robertson I showed a while back is a great example.

Will we learn from that? Oh, probably not.

Here’s a short one relevant to North Carolina now:

This one is only partly about wrong assumptions.


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Human Nature in Action

As Hurricane Florence bears down on North Carolina, the state may face the consequences of policies minimizing the impact of climate change and allowing extensive development in vulnerable coastal areas.

The approaching storm almost certainly gained destructive power from a warming climate, but a 2012 law, and subsequent actions by the state, effectively ordered state and local agencies that develop coastal policies to ignore scientific models showing an acceleration in the rise of sea levels.

In the years since, development has continued with little regard to the long-term threat posed by rising sea levels. And the coastal region’s population and economy have boomed, growing by almost half in the last 20 years.
North Carolina, Warned of Rising Seas, Chose to Favor Development

Here are some screen shots of a live video feed, taken from an old Coast Guard tower, showing the effects of hurricane Florence. (The link to the feed no longer seems to work.)

September 13, 2018 at 2.18.51 PM

September 13, 2018 at 2.50.28 PM

September 13, 2018 at 3.15.49 PM

September 13, 2018 at 3.35.24 PM

Here are surfers taking advantage of the waves before the worst comes:


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Update About Andy

The trip to Española took only three hours today, less than the four-hour trip to Santa Fe yesterday. It took an hour driving back and forth and two hours at the neurologist’s.

Andy told him about his minor symptoms now and that he had a CT scan a few weeks ago that showed the blood on the brain is gone. Hopefully the minor symptoms will gradually get better, but he can easily live with them if they’re permanent.

The neurologist thought it was a good idea to get a CT angiogram to see if the carotid artery dissection has improved — they usually heal by themselves, he said (and that’s what I had read). So we scheduled that and Andy will go back next Wednesday to have it done. The doctor said to phone him about a week after the scan and seemed to imply that Andy can get the results over the phone — that would be nice. Anyway, it all looks promising.

Needless to say, he’s looking forward to going up to the land tomorrow!


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You Can’t Say We Never Travel!

We were gone over four hours today — about two driving back and forth to Santa Fe and two hours at the eye doctor’s for Andy’s shot in his left eye. We’ll go back next week for the right eye. The shots do seem to be helping. Now Andy has to have them only every seven weeks for the left eye, every eight for the right. As long as they keep him seeing we’re not complaining! He still has no trouble driving up to the land without glasses.

Tomorrow we go to Española to see a neurologist. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Do you get the idea we’re not getting any younger? 😀


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