The Life of the Party

Modern technology isn’t just for the young. Thanks to a robot a frail 82-year-old mother was the life of her son’s wedding celebrations in Paris. She wasn’t able to travel, so she interacted with the guests from the comfort of her own home here in the U.S. Needless to say, she and the robot created a sensation.

This video shows how the Anybots QB, the robot in question, is used in business:

Apparently the idea is catching on. Competitors are coming up with their own versions, and the prices are coming down. The video says the robot costs $15,000. Now on the Anybots site it’s listed at $9,700. And no doubt the technology will improve even more with time. I think it’s a great idea. What about you?

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8 Responses to The Life of the Party

  1. Rummuser says:

    Fascinating. Let us hope that we never have to use that to sub for us.
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  2. I really enjoyed this post

  3. tammyj says:

    well. you saw the sign rummy… ‘kill all humans.’ LOL.
    i think its little face is kind of cute. but i have to say… when it said that it has a habit of slowly advancing toward you when you’re talking… (at no command apparently) or when it began circling… (again at no command)… i think i might find that a little creepy! otherwise ~ let’s face it. we’ve just seen the face of the future.
    oops. no pun intended there! LOL.
    tammyj´s last blog post ..oh my gosh !!!

    • Jean says:

      The video was made before the robot went on sale, so I’m sure they’ve made improvements. Notice PC World said the screen showing the user wasn’t working yet. Robot makers and users will eventually have to worry about hackers. At least this one doesn’t have arms and hands to strangle us if it gets taken over. 🙂

  4. Cathy in NZ says: – adopting healthcare robots – I remember seeing something about it on the news one evening; so finding a link even better!
    Cathy in NZ´s last blog post ..Week 3 coming up

    • Jean says:

      What a great article! Thank you. Just today there’s an article in the Wall Street Journal talking about the lack of caregivers for baby boomers. Clearly technology can help. Hurray for innovation!

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