We’ve already seen this cartoon about courage:

Here’s another version:

Life is full of adversity, so hurrah for courage!


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6 Responses to Courage

  1. Rummuser says:

    I read something like this a long time ago and since it was something that I instinctively practiced, did not bother to note down the source or the actual quote. The substance of the quote is that maturity is acting with courage but with concern. This implies that courage per se is not enough but it should be balanced with concern for others.
    Rummuser´s last blog post ..Opportunity Cost Of Being Humans.

  2. Sharon says:

    Courage: Overcoming that which causes a lump in your throat. (Even if it means swallowing Aunt Edith’s fruit salad.)
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Changes

  3. Cathy in NZ says:

    I hadn’t thought of the balance notion – mostly I’m trying to encouraging of me, well at least recently…

  4. nick says:

    I think one type of courage that’s in short supply is the courage to say and do what you really believe in, as opposed to what someone else wants you to do, or what won’t offend anyone, or what is the conventional opinion. Politicians of course are the prime example of this sort of fudging and dissembling.
    nick´s last blog post ..Celebrity blues

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