Prepositions and Pronouns

Of course 2 and 4 are prepositions, and u is a pronoun. It’s the teacher who needs to be educated.


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  1. Linda Sand says:

    If you call me b4 noon you can be guaranteed I won’t answer.

  2. Rummuser says:

    I am a great post positionist myself!
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  3. Ursula says:

    If I were the teacher I’d have maybe not knocked off ten points, but say, five. I find it the height of discourtesy in this age of “texting” (I don’t even have a cell phone) people doing frankly stupid abbreviations saving the sender no time yet take the READER (you know, the one you are addressing) an age to understand what the hell you are talking about.

    Having said that, yesterday I slipped someone a good old fashioned note saying ” I O U” (I owe you). Brought back many a memory of petty cash tins.

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    • Jean says:

      When texting it is easier to use some abbreviations, and I use them when I’m texting from my flip top cell phone to Andy. So I have some sympathy with the younger generation.

  4. Sharon says:

    I’m too old for this, seriously.
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    • Jean says:

      It’s hard to believe you are older than Andy and I, but I suppose it is possible. I’m guessing it’s more that you have no need for texting? It was a whole new world for us, and worth learning to do simple texting so I can contact him when he’s up on the land. He mostly can’t reach me, and using voice communication is out of the question. So I text him once a day to test the system, and I tell him to look at his email if there is something I think he needs to know. If the Garmin keeps working we will use that for communication and drop his cell phone.

  5. There’s a whole new language out there that adults will never understand IMHO (in my humble opinion). And we’re going to lose this battle!
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    • Jean says:

      I don’t think it’s kids vs adults, it’s more texting on a device vs talking or writing emails on a computer with a keyboard. The thing I like about the Garmin is I can text him using my computer keyboard if I choose.

  6. tammy j says:

    I find I can hardly complain since like ee cummings … I do not like capital letters or punctuation much. I know it. I just don’t like it.
    maybe that’s how the kids feel.
    actually I understand that using periods at the end of a sentence in their texts is actually bad manners! WHO KNEW?
    now if they just had what we call regular manners to begin with…
    uh oh. see that word I ended the last sentence with? I just can’t stop! help!
    in which I ended that last sentence. whew. there. I feel better. 😀
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  7. I would guess like most people I could always have a good review in most subject.

  8. Cathy in NZ says:

    I have a number of relatives (younger than me) who can’t spell for toffees…one gets a word, which will sound the same, but it’s not right “great” and she uses “grate” – when I commented that it’s easier to read out loud rather than “see” – she thought I meant “see – in we must catch up soon…” not “see – as in look at your sentence…”

    so it’s not just spelling but oddball meaning

    when I first got a cellphone a friend suggested I text each week to get used to machinery. I had often used shorthand words in regular writing so I set forth “very pleased with my self” – but suddenly that wasn’t right – as he had to “read out loud” to understand and he was at work (where he couldn’t do that…)

    so I went back to proper words and with advent of my new phone suggesting words along the top of the keyboard – very handy indeed…

    • Cathy in NZ says:

      but my typing on f/book has got very bad – my grammar, err what grammar word, has a habit of disappearing. Plus I think my keyboard is moving the keys about – I get some interesting words from time to time, which I don’t catch until I’ve hit “post/send”

    • Jean says:

      My fingers used to automatically hit the right keys when I was typing. Nowadays they sometimes produce gobbledygook until I correct them. Who knows why….

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