Happy Halloween!


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  1. nick says:

    I object to trick or treaters. I’ve no problem with people doing the Halloween thing with their own family, but I object to them pestering other people who aren’t necessarily interested. On Sunday we had a bunch of trick or treaters who took a bunch of chocolate bars then came back five minutes later asking for more! Did they think we wouldn’t recognise them?

    • Jean says:

      Some people will try to game any system. 🙁 Sharon is right, here they don’t bother people with their porch light off.

  2. Rummuser says:

    I was under the impression that we do not celebrate this festival in India till I read in the papers that this custom too has arrived here.

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    • Jean says:

      The author has it right — it’s a non-religious and non-national (or political) holiday. A way for people to celebrate together.

  3. Sharon says:

    Don’t want Trick or Treaters? Shut off the porch lights …
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Black Widow Part 4

  4. Cathy in NZ says:

    none ventured down here, although the house on the corner with teens, was embellished big time yesterday – cobwebs with miniature spiders and a sign directing you to “scary graveyard” – maybe it was just for their friends…

    my niece on the other, really gets into it – with hand dug graves on her grassed frontage… And she posted this magnificent picture of a lad who arrived at their place, in a fabulous outfit – something related to Armageddon character, apparently. The lad had made the outfit himself & either he was quite tall or the headpiece was high.

    Porch lights here not on, unless I’m going out- but the neighbouring unit has a “thing” with their front/back lights – on all night – every night, not sure why? just some sort of hang-up that stuff will be stolen (have entertaining chats with K/Mum about from time to time…)

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