The Magic of Christmas?

It does take the magic out of it, doesn’t it?


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  1. Rummuser says:

    It has not started here as yet!
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  2. tammy j says:

    yes it does.
    although the parts I love about it go by so swiftly. just as time itself seems to now.
    so… I really don’t mind it all that much. I don’t care for Halloween anyway.
    I don’t think of the commercialism of it all. I just never grow tired of the beauty of the tiny lights everywhere. I wish they would go on throughout the winter!
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    • Jean says:

      Driving around looking at the lights is the most important part of Christmas for us now, but we’ve been doing it as long as we have lived here. We used to go up to the land to cut down our Christmas tree every year, but that stopped after the fire. For a while I put up some pretty lights, but I’ve even stopped that now. Our main contribution is Andy’s “tree” on the roof of our house up there, but it’s only from Dec 19 until after New Year’s. Some of our neighbors would like to see it longer.

  3. There’s a lot about Christmas commercialism that makes me cranky, but Christmas lights aren’t a part of that. Like Tammy j, I like the way they brighten up the dark days of winter!
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    • Jean says:

      There’s no reason not to have a festival of light against the gloom of winter without it being strictly connected with Christmas. Our county has a simple one here the month of December. They decorate the trees and path around the pond downtown. It’s friendly.

  4. Mike says:

    For us, part of it is living in a place that is so unlike where we lived growing up. Seasons were more distinct and Christmas oftentimes had snow on the ground. Also, we don’t get out that much in the evening, so don’t see that much of the lights. Last night we did — it was a bit crisp and quite dark on the way home from eating out and grocery shopping, even though it was barely 6 PM — and with the lights of Christmas here and there, there was more a feeling of the season… at least for a bit.
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    • Jean says:

      I’m just the opposite. I was born and raised in California, where the winters aren’t as pronounced. But we still get a lot of sunshine here and I like the sunny Christmases more than the snowy, gloomy ones.

  5. Cindi says:

    Yes, everything is too early.
    I think now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s the proper time for Xmas music, lights and movies.
    I’m almost mentally ready for it.
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  6. Cathy in NZ says:

    I’ve not seen much of Xmas here yet, other than some decorations and a few brightly coloured window displays…

    But the again I’ve not really been anywhere near any of it of late and especially this week – although the place I’ve been at this last week – had a mini xmas tree up yesterday as as there was a huge Xmas luncheon on offer to 2 different groups – I was on my way home, when that was served…

    oops we don’t have the 2 preceding events – Halloween/Thanksgiving to consider in high mode

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