Outdated Cartoon?

Someone with her nose in a book? Nowadays the comic would be about smart phones, don’t you think? But Snoopy is still right.


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10 Responses to Outdated Cartoon?

  1. Cathy in NZ says:

    definitely the metaphor can be applied to almost anything that is trendy or not trendy,

    I’ve a book that has come home with me from the retreat library – when I’m done, I’ll mail it back – they let me take it…because although I was there a few days, I only found it late yesterday arvo and when I realised it was mid night and I was still reading it, I knew I couldn’t get it finished….

  2. tammy j says:

    i’m torn between the saving of trees and wonderful technology…
    but oh my. an eventual world without books… just little plastic devices?
    I can’t and don’t want to imagine!
    but snoopy’s right too! 😀 xo
    tammy j´s last blog post ..moving on old bean

    • Jean says:

      I like books and Kindles both. Because of my eyestrain I can’t read very much off either at one time, but the Kindle is better because I can make the book large print.

      I like the fact Snoopy doesn’t stop Lucy from reading, he just says there are other things. 🙂

  3. Rummuser says:

    I am old fashioned enough to be with my nose in books! Chutki does this quite often to get me to open the door to the garden or to get a rub.
    Rummuser´s last blog post ..Slippery Ice.

  4. Cindi says:

    Yes and no
    I think everyone has their eyes glued to their phones
    But I know a lot of people who still love books too.
    Cindi´s last blog post ..Blue

  5. nick says:

    Oh no, in Britain there’s a resurgence of book-buying after a few years of kindle popularity. People like the feel and look of books as opposed to a lump of technology. Waterstones is opening another five bookshops before Christmas and is planning another 15 for next year.
    nick´s last blog post ..Win or loos

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