True Joy

One of the questions at was When have you experienced true joy? A father told the story of his 11-year-old daughter buying Christmas presents for the whole family. She had saved $130 and put the presents in their Amazon shopping cart, then told the father to please buy them and take the money out of her savings account. But he wasn’t to peek at the presents because they were surprises. He tells us the joy she had on Christmas Day when she gave everyone their presents and watched them open them.

I can relate to that — one of the best Christmases in my life was when my sister and I were old enough to buy presents for our family. I don’t remember what we received that Christmas, but I remember the thrill of being able to buy something for them for a change.

I also remember one of the best presents I ever received. My daughter was about four years old and Santa had put four packs of sugarless gum in her Christmas stocking. That was a very special treat and she was so excited she had trouble opening one of the packs. The first thing she did when succeeded was to offer me a piece. My heart still melts when I think of it.


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  1. Cathy in NZ says:

    quite a difficult question – that could from a memory or a more recent memory…one that springs to mind was just a few years ago.

    I had been released from the plaster-cast from my hand and was attending exercises to get it working again. I didn’t seem to be making much progress but I continued with the prescribed exercises, getting more and more upset that whole hand wouldn’t work…

    then one afternoon (note whole word) I was thinking that life was like a “book” you opened the pages and there were words to live by. I was holding both hands together as if the book was closed (like I was going to pray) – then somehow I looked down and I had opened the “book out flat” with my 2 little fingers side by and palms facing me…

    that was a big turning point in getting my wrists to co-operate AND indirectly it had nothing much to do with the exercises…”what joy, what happiness…” the whole thing is going the right way.

    of course, that didn’t mean that the tremor or later the new knowledge would get any better. But as I sit here typing this I have paused – and yes I can still do it…

  2. Rummuser says:

    My moment of true joy was when Ranjan, just a few minutes old was all wrapped up and given to me to hold.

  3. Cindi says:

    First, I must say that your Christmas story melts my heart too.
    What a sweet kind little soul. How wonderful it must be to have such a caring and considerate child. But then again it doesn’t surprise me at all. The way that Kaitlin rescues her dogs and her patience with them. She’s definitely special and a daughter to be very proud of and who brings you, true joy.

    I’m trying to think about when I’ve last experienced true joy.
    Of course I feel joy rather often but TRUE joy?
    I guess the last time was a couple of years ago when I went out to photograph those horses. Just being around them, touching their faces…
    I had to hold back tears, I was that happy.
    In fact, it’s making me cry again, the thought of it.
    Cindi´s last blog post ..Blue

  4. It’s true that we remember the efforts we made to make others happy better than what has been done for us. It’s a tendency that reflects the upside of human nature, and we are all better off for it!
    Still the Lucky Few´s last blog post ..New Study—Millennials Speak their Minds!

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