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  1. david browman says:


    I am glad that the design issues of the solar panels seems to have been fixed.

    About mice in the egnines. I don’t remember that in Montana, but we frequently get mice coming up into the engine compartment and the air conditioning systems in the winter. At first I was “from Missouri”, the show-me state – mice in the engine block components, absurd. But apparently they sneak in in the cold weather, attracted by the warm engine temperature on cold nights in the garagewhen I come back from my night class at 10 p.m., and the air-duct openings apparently make perfect places to enter. I’ve asked the Toyota folks if we could put mesh over them, but the answers suggest that the mechanics don’t want to do it, it is up to me. So when I start smelling something foul, I know that it is a mouse that has died, and I have to hit the shop again.


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