2007 Posts

12-31-07 A New Year, A New World
12-24-07 Finding Our Inner Light
12-17-07 Peace, Love and Joy
12-10-07 Are You Spending Enough Time
“Doing Nothing”?

12-03-07 Holy Curiosity

11-26-07 Creating Our Own Inner Guide
11-19-07 Staying In Tune
11-12-07 Building a Solid Foundation
11-05-07 The Law of Attraction–Do You Believe It?

10-29-07 If You’re Working Too Hard,
You’re Doing It Wrong!

10-22-07 At Home In the Universe
10-15-07 Caring Compassion Charity
10-08-07 If You Can’t Pronounce It, Say It Loud!
10-01-07 Celebrating Life

9-24-07 Love, Compassion and a Lot of Humility
9-17-07 Living Every, Every Minute
9-10-07 Live Your Own Life
9-03-07 The Fruits of Gratitude

8-27-07 Loving Imperfection
8-20-07 We Don’t Have To Be Perfect
8-13-07 It’s a Magical World
8-06-07 Happiness, the Purpose of Life?

7-30-07 Trashing Happiness
7-23-07 It’s Harry Potter Time!
7-16-07 Valuing Happiness
7-09-07 The Daily Puppy
7-02-07 Warming Our Hearts

6-25-07 Loving What You Do
6-19-07 The Joy of Completion
6-12-07 Surfing Through Life
6-06-07 Treasuring Foolishness
6-05-07 The Secret of Happiness
6-03-07 Expanding My Horizons

5-18-07 Still Rethinking
5-17-07 The Joys of the Journey
5-16-07 Facilitating Change
5-15-07 St. Francis of Assisi
5-14-07 Why Cheerful Monk?
5-11-07 New Website
5-09-07 Do I Really Believe That?
5-08-07 Happiness Is Spiritual??
5-07-07 Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zones
5-06-07 The Passion Behind the Commitment
5-03-07 Happiness As a Spiritual Practice

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