2010 Posts

12-28-10 Holiday Weather and iPhones
12-19-10 Honesty–Always the Best Policy?
12-12-10 Off the Sucker List
12-05-10 Condolences
11-28-10 The Hectic Season?
11-21-10 How Cool Is That?
11-15-10 Mañana
11-06-10 Thinking Outside the Box
10-31-10 Scaring Ourselves
10-25-10 Knowing What We Want
10-18-10 Impermanence
10-11-10 It’s an Ill Wind
10-04-10 The Power of a Comic Book
9-27-10 Alive and Kicking
9-20-10 Freedom vs. Security
9-13-10 Giving Wisely
9-06-10 Negative Campaigning
8-30-10 Computers Are Human Too?
8-23-30 Bringing Out the Best in Us
8-16-10 Many a Happy Hour
8-09-10 The Shallows
8-02-10 Homeland Security
7-26-10 There’s No Law Against It…Yet
7-19-10 Loopholes
7-12-10 In Case There Was Any Doubt
7-04-10 A Dubious Distinction
6-28-10 Not Agin’ ‘Em All
6-25-10 Planning Ahead
6-21-10 The Joy of Being Annoying
6-14-10 My New Tool
6-07-10 Dog Heaven
5-31-10 The Art of Waiting
5-24-10 Moving and Decluttering
5-17-10 To Exercise or Not to Exercise
5-10-10 Moving On
5-03-10 Smiles
4-25-10 Chanting
4-19-10 Having Fun
4-12-10 It’s That Time of Year
4-05-10 Gone But Not Forgotten
3-29-10 How Do You Feel About Work?
3-22-10 Not So Wise?
3-15-10 Side Trips
3-08-10 Three Epitaphs
3-01-10 Passing Away
2-22-10 Would You Trust It With Your Life?
2-15-10 We Need to Talk. Really?
2-08-10 Time to Move On
2-01-10 Seeking a Cure for Optimism
1-25-10 Moving Forward
1-18-10 Living Fully
1-11-10 Connecting, Building Memories
1-04-10 What Makes You Laugh?

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