2009 Posts

12-28-09 Friendliness
12-21-09 It’s a Doggy Dog World
12-14-09 We’re All a Bunch of Nuts
12-07-09 Feigning Incompetence
11-30-09 Creating Memories
11-23-09 Maturity Is Overrated
11-16-09 Time For a Trade In?
11-09-09 Sometimes You Don’t Want Them to Snuggle
11-02-09 Born to Snuggle
10-24-09 What Were You Born To Do?
10-19-09 What? Me Worry?
10-12-09 The Joys of Modern Technology
10-05-09 At That Age
9-28-09 Time
9-21-09 Their New Car
9-14-09 Good Government, An Age-Old Problem
9-07-13 Would It Be All Bad?
8-31-09 The Blame Game
8-24-09 Tending and Befriending
8-17-09 Is It Possible to Be Overly Generous?
8-10-09 Is It Really That Hard to Say No?
8-03-09 How Important Is TV?

7-27-09 My Great Ambition
7-20-09 Encouragement
7-13-09 Sharing What You Love
7-06-09 Doing the Best We Can With What We Have Left
6-29-09 Storms Happen
6-22-09 Put It in Writing
6-15-09 The Joy of Climbing
6-08-13 A Dull Life? I Don’t Believe It
6-01-13 Why Don’t We Just say Thank You?
5-25-09 I’ve Been Thinking…Again
5-18-09 Beginning with the End in Mind
5-11-9 I’ve Been Thinking
5-04-09 The Art of Keeping Balanced
4-06-09 Digging For the Treasure
4-13-09 The Times They Are A-Changing
4-20-09 One Nice Change
4-27-09 My Role Model For Change
3-30-09 I Can’t Believe I Did That Again!
3-23-09 My New Role Model
3-16-09 An Uninvited Adventure
3-09-09 You Don’t Have to Leave Home to Have an Adventure
3-02-09 Are You Conducting Yourself Well?
2-23-09 Going on an Artist’s Date
2-16-09 Not a Game for Control Freaks
2-09-09 The Joys of Procrastination
2-02-09 Paperwork Sucks
1-26-09 Taking Delight in Little Things
1-19-09 Two Great Role Models
1-12-09 To Tell the Truth
1-05-09 It Wasn’t About Adventure. It Was About Sharing.

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