2008 Posts

12-29-08 It Could Have Been a Lot Worse
12-22-08 Watching the Weather
12-15-08 My Favorite Role Model…A “Man-Eating” Grouse
12-08-08 I Rescued a Human Today
12-01-08 How I Was Blown Away By a Stick of Gum

11-24-08 Our Garden in the Woods
11-17-08 Knowing What We Prefer
11-10-08 If You Had Led the Life I Lead
11-03-08 What I Learned From Plato’s Republic

10-27-08 What’s Your Favorite Photo?
10-20-08 Doing Things the Hard Way…
For the Sheer Joy of It

10-13-08 That Stir of Might and Instinct Within Us
10-06-08 What I Learned From Being Tortured
By a Dentist

9-29-08 Creating a Sacred Space
9-22-08 Is This Really the Best Use of My Time?
9-15-08 Touching Hearts and Changing Lives
9-08-08 Making Hay While the Sun Shines
9-01-08 Serendipity or the Law of Attraction?

8-25-08 Living Deeply By Writing
8-18-08 My Brain Is My Favorite Toy
8-11-08 The Joy of Being a Blockhead
8-04-08 This Mystery Called Life

7-28-08 Randy Pausch…A Life Well-Lived
7-21-08 Learning to Swim
7-14-08 Oprah Winfrey…Bringing Wisdom to Life
7-07-08 The Power and Perils of Goal Setting

6-30-08 Celebrating Baby Steps
6-23-08 Embracing Obstacles
6-16-08 My New Role Model…the Sloth
6-09-08 The Joy of Facing Challenges
6-02-08 Don’t Forget to Play!

5-26-08 What We Can Learn From the Danes
5-19-08 We Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Lovable
5-12-08 Maybe Not So Crazy After All
5-05-08 Slipping Into Sacred Space

4-28-08 Never Grow Up. Never Stop Growing.
4-21-08 An Unexpected Source of Power…
The Sound of Our Own Voice

4-14-08 Opening Our Hearts, Expanding Our Minds
4-07-08 Does “Common” Really Suck?

3-31-08 Creating Joy
3-24-08 The Power of Listening
3-17-08 Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Poorly
3-10-08 What Do You Really Believe?
What Do You Really Want?

3-03-08 Never Underestimate the Power of Caring

2-25-08 The Need to Love
2-18-08 Don’t Forget to Replenish the Source
2-11-08 Finding and Bringing Joy
2-04-08 The Power of Forgiveness

1-28-08 I Didn’t Know That!
1-21-08 Looking. Learning, Opening Up to Life
1-14-08 Stay Curious and Open to Life
1-07-08 Rediscovering the Magic

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