12-28-08 A Different View of the World
12-21-08 Hugs Help a Lot
12-14-08 Sometimes All You Can Do Is Laugh
12-07-08 What Hitchhiking Taught Me About Generosity

11-27-08 Exploring Memories
11-16-08 Bringing Out the Best In Ourselves
11-09-09 Kreativ Blogger Award
11-02-08 How Do You See Life?
10-26-08 Following the Path…One Step at a Time
10-19-08 Courage, Equanimity and Love
10-12-08 What I Learned From Losing Loved Ones
10-05-08 Honoring Our Comfort Zones
9-28-08 Tapping…A Surprisingly Powerful Tool
9-21-08 What Particle Accelerators Taught Me About Life
9-14-08 What I Learned From Being Dumped By My
Best Friend

9-07-08 As Motivated As a Cat

8-31-08 What’s Your Favorite Fortune?
8-24-08 Can You Take Yourself This Lightly?
8-17-08 Don’t Be Afraid of Detours
8-10-08 Life As a Shared Adventure
8-03-08 Commitment and Practice

7-28-08 Training Our Inner Nut
7-20-08 When Life Is “For the Birds”
7-13-08 What I Learned About Learning…
From a Rafting Trip

7-06-08 A Different Path to a Successful Life

6-29-08 One Size Doesn’t Fit All
6-22-08 It Pays to Be Resourceful
6-15-08 What I Learned About Blogging…From Lab Rats
6-08-08 What I Learned About Blogging…
From My Granddogs

6-01-08 The Courage to Be Confused. The Courage to Be

5-25-08 Mindful Eating
5-18-08 Don’t Forget to Laugh!
5-11-08 What I learned From Our Trip to Deerfield.
5-04-08 What I Learned From Massaging Dogs

4-27-08 Experimenting With the Stress Eraser
4-20-08 What Are Your Stress Secrets?
4-13-08 What I Learned From Being a Listening Post
4-06-08 A Double Dose of Happiness

3-30-08 What Grabs Your Attention? How Can You Use It

3-23-08 Can We Really Learn to Love the Weeds?
3-16-08 Dolphins, Humility and Humor
3-09-08 What the Law Taught Me About Stress

3-02-08 Do We Always Have to Be Happy?

2-24-08 No Complaining? You’re Kidding, Right?
2-17-08 Life Isn’t What It’s Supposed to Be
2-10-08 What I Learned From the Blob in the Black

2-03-08 Is Football Really Like Life?

1-27-08 Life Is Uncertain, So Eat Dessert First?
1-20-08 Life Isn’t Always Perfect
1-13-08 Are You Enjoying the Process?
1-06-08 Are You Giving Yourself Room to Grow?